1917 German Luger Serial Numbers

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1917 German Luger 9mm Pistol

Mar 24, 2010 its an artillery luger made by DWM(German Weapons and Munitions Works) the barrel is 8 inches serial numbers all seem to. Roland Vst Rapidshare Premium. You can buy 1917 luger with confidence from thousands of. 1917 DWM Artillery Luger 200mm bbl maching numbers. WW1 German Navy Luger 1917.

About 3,000 variations of the Luger pistol, also known as the Parabellum Pistole P-08, were made before World War One until 1945. Millions of Luger pistols were made by makers in Germany, England, Switzerland, and other countries. Stoeger is a United States gun company that owns the Luger trademark and still produces Lugers. The German military began using Luger pistols in 1908. Though the pistol is recognized by its exposed barrel and butt that fits into one's palm, the most reliable form of identification is by serial number. Identify your German Luger 761B by the serial number, proof symbol, production year stamp and the manufacturer's mark. Locating the Serial Number Examine the area beneath the Luger barrel on the metal in front of the trigger guard.