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The learning process will be simple. We start from the end, meaning we will set specific goals and we will find how to use AutoCAD commands to meet such goals. To begin, we will start by trying to draw this simple figure below. Too simple right? The objective here is to learn in order to draw without using the mouse.

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This will help us have a first glimpse on how this window works. We have 4 points and we have the coordinate of each of them. So, basically we have each starting point of our lines and each ending point. AutoCAD draws lines using coordinates. To better explain, we put our figure in a system of coordinates in the image below in order to improve our understanding.

If we consider a coordinate system formed by X, Y, this is how our exercise will fit in the system. To draw this, open a new file in AutoCAD • Type “LINE” • Specify first point: 5,0 • Specify next point or [Undo]: 10,0 • Specify next point or [Undo]: 10,7 • Specify next point or [Close/Undo]: 5,5 • Specify next point or [Close/Undo]: 5,0 • Hit the ENTER once more • Click on 8 (look at the figure below) (The part in bold is what AutoCAD is asking you to enter. You will see those same words displayed in the command windows. You should enter are those coordinates, e.g. 5,0 ->10,0 ->10,7 and so on.

AutoCAD 2D and 3D practice drawings. AutoCAD to real world scenario. Draw 2D and 3D complex drawings; All the lesson files containing PDF and DWG of drawings.

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However, remember after each step you need to validate your action by pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard) There you go! We are done with creating the figure. You noticed how we are able to draw without. It may be difficult for a newcomer but not impossible. AutoCAD draws lines from one point to the other and starts the next line where the previous one ended. In step 7, we disabled the LINE command and at that step you can also press the ESC key instead of the ENTER key, it will serve the same purpose. Crack Adobe Acrobat X Pro Serial Number.

Step 8 is just to zoom out completely so you may see what you have just drawn. I hope you learned something in this exercise and take a look. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions. The whole series Drawing your first piece of 2D using AutoCAD. Using LINE command and fixing your settings for a better user experience. Learning how to use coordinates and Using exclusively the command window to draw.

Learning how to draw straight lines with definite dimensions. Basic concept for daily use while working with AutoCAD Learning the use of OSNAP and using skills you gained to design a more complex 2D. Using some math and drawing lines with specific angles and dimensions. Learning the basic concept of angles in AutoCAD, and actually using the trick main while. FILLET command and the use of OSNAP. Alko Aks 2000 Manual. Learning how to place object.

Learning how to use center points. CHAMFER command. Using the CHAMFER command and leaning more about the command window. How to use HATCH in AutoCAD.

You will need skills from Day #4 to have the exercise done, and you will learn how to actually use the HATCH command. Playing with the TANGENT feature of the OSNAP. You will have a complex figure to replicate, and you will have to learn how the TANGENT feature of the OSNAP works. You will also have to learn a new trick on how to draw a circle using this very technique.