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This product is the bundle of 60 widgets for Adobe Muse. The widgets will add powerful capabilities to your Muse websites and will make them.

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There are a lot of Adobe Muse users how would like to create a website in Adobe Muse that give the real ecommerce experience like, etc but it was difficult to do as Adobe Muse only work with HTM, CSS, and JS. Ecwid is an amazing e-commence platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing Adobe Muse website. Site visitor will get the convenience of checking out and browsing your products safely right from your site, and yes there is no Ifram or redirection used to show your cart in Muse.

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Simply drag-in-drop the various widgets to page and start doing you ecommerce business in Adobe Muse. How to create a store in Adobe Muse • Create a store on Add your Producs, payments etc. • With the help of our MusePen Ecwid Widget Collection add your store to your Adobe Muse Site. In Musepen Ecwid Widget Collection you get following widgets to include in your Page • Product Browser Widget • Search Box Widget • Cart Widget • Horizontal Category Widget • Vertical Category Widget Building A Store in Ecwid In the further part of this page we will explain you how to use these widgets. Before you use these widgets you need to create a store and need to add your products at Like below will help you understand on how to build a store in Download and Install the Widget in Adobe Muse Once you are done Creating your store at then download our widget from the link below. Once you have the Musepen_Ecwid_Collection.mulib downloaded from the link above double click on it to add it to Muse Library.

Once Added it will look like this. To use these widgets you just need to drag and drop them in the page and need to customize it as per your need. Now we will explain each widget in the collection and how to use it. Profinet Gsdml Filespeedy. Btd5 Deluxe Serial Key Download. MusePen Ecwid Product Browser Widget This is the most important Widget in this ecwid collection.

This is like a stage where everything happens. Products, categories, product details, check out process, registration etc are shown here. Look at the various snapshots below. MusePen Ecwid Product Browser Options Panel Store ID: Enter your Store ID in this option so that the widget can connect to your store and show the details of your store.

• Categories Per Row: By selecting this number you can decide how many categories are shown per row. • Products Per Column: Defines number of products in a column • • Products Per Row: Defines number of products in a Row • Number Of Products In List Page: Defines number of products on one List page • Number of Products in Table Page: Defines number of products on one table page. • Default Category View: Defines the default view for products in categories. Possible values: list, grid, table • Default Search View: Defines the default view for search results.

Possible values: list, grid, table. MusePen Ecwid Search Box Widget This widget allows you to add a search box in your page. When a visitor search any thing in the search box results are shown in the Product Browser Widget. In case product Browser Widget is not placed then results will be shown in a Pop Up window. You can Format the search field and Search Box with the help of this widget Lets talk about the MusePen Ecwid Search Box Options Panel.

MusePen Ecwid Search Box Options Panel • Store ID: • Search Field Formatting • Width: Defines the width of Search Field. • Height: Defines the height of Search Field. • Border Width: Defines the Border Width of Search Field. • Border Color: Defines the color of the Border of Search Field. • Background Color: Defines the background color in Search Field.

• Font Size: Defines the font size of text entered in the Search Field. • Font Color: Defines the font color of text entered in the Search Field.

• Search Button Formatting • Width: Defines the width of Search Box. • Height: Defines the Height of Search Box. • Border Width: Defines the Border Width of Search Box.