Airside Drivers Licence Test

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Airside Drivers Licence Test

What do I need for my airside driving course? When you book on to the courses using the AIRDAT system, you will be issued with details of precisely what you will need to bring with you. Items required for the majority of Airside Driving Courses include: • Firstly, your company must have a valid Airside Operators Licence (AOL), allowing them to operate airside. • Your Airside Pass (to allow you access) - Issued via your airport's ID centre. • A high visibility jacket. • Your medical certificate – This is dependent on course type and airport, but generally companies must provide evidence that you as a driver are fit to operate vehicles around the airport.

Airside Driving Medicals. For more information on these AOA standards, please visit www. All drivers who operate airside at Heathrow Airport require an Airside. Airside Driving Permits. Equipment airside to hold a valid Airside Driving Permit and be operating a vehicle. To schedule a practical driving test.

Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit (AVOP) Application Please print clearly and make sure all fields are completed. Please fill out both pages of Application. Embedded System Design Vahid Givargis Pdf Merge.

This is usually done by visiting an Authorised Medical Examiner. • Your drivers' licence photo card and (if applicable) paper counterpart.

• Your AIRDAT login details. These are issued to you upon registration and when you make a booking. They allow you to take the online test at the end of the session (if applicable) Still need help? Last updated on December 11, 2017 Toggle Search.

Identification Cards In order to work in secure areas of the airport you are required to obtain and correctly display a valid Identification Card. Access to secure areas of Darwin International Airport (DIA) is controlled via locked doors with electronic access control or electronic locks/padlocks. New Companies If you are a new company operating at DIA you will be required to register with the DIA Security Department before you are able to obtain Identification Cards, Access Control permissions or Electronic Keys. To register please complete the following form and return it to our office (Terminal Control Centre, Gate A) in person or via post- we require the original copy with original signatures. Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASICs) An ASIC is a nationally consistent Identification Card which is used to identify a person who has been the subject of a background check.