Anime Desktop Mascot Download

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Anime Desktop Mascot Download

Otaku Mascots - The Program Because we need your help to support the largest archive of anime and manga software on the Web! Otaku Mascot Program from Accursed Toys Created for Otaku World () by Accursed Toys () Otaku Mascot Navigation Chou Yaru Kazemahou Upgrade November 15, 2001: Due to a bug in a recent release of Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus virus definition files, that program will report there is a virus called 'W32.Nimda.enc(dr)' when installing Otaku Mascot v1.20. This is not true: Otaku Mascot is virus-free. Symantec has corrected this problem as of November 12: all you need to do is update your Anti-virus software to the latest version and this False Positive reading will go away. November 10, 2001: Version 1.20 of Otaku Mascot has been released.

I just found out about desktop mascots and I found the Negima and Love. Tell me where I can find other anime mascots. downloads/ mascots. Jul 13, 2008 Desktop Mascot Downloads. Hatsune Miku 3D Singing Desktop Mascot. Character(s): Hatsune Miku. Anime/Manga, Download, Random.

This version adds a couple of features and fixes a number of bugs. Changes: • You can now add 'readme' text to a mascot! Note: I will not accept previous mascots as updates just to supply the readme text. I will, of course, accept new mascots with readme text in them. • I now verify mascot file versions when loading and you can see these version numbers in the 'About this Mascot' dialog box.

• Click sound format and size is now displayed in the editor. Bugs fixed: • If a click sound was not in the Mascots/ folder, it usually wouldn't be included in the published mascot. • Fixed a number of small cosmetic problems in the editor. Look in the Otaku Mascot help file for the full details under 'What's New'. To install the update, download the regular file and run it. If you have previously installed a version of Otaku Mascot, the update will ask if you want to update your installation or uninstall it.

Choose 'Update' and your current installation will be updated with the latest and greatest. Otaku Mascot This program gives you a mascot to sit on your windows and keep you company while you toil away the hours. When you are bored or just need a little reassurance that you are still alive, click on the mascot to see its reaction. You might even get a sound bite! Load More Mascots When you get tired of a particular mascot you can load another.

What's more, you can change the mascot periodically throughout the day. You can even have a Mascot Of The Day! Just download a new mascot, add it to the appropriate selection list (available in the preferences) and off you go! Make Your Own And when you get tired of all those other people's mascots invading your desktop, you can make your own! Yes, you read correctly. Otaku Mascot contains a complete editor for creating your own mascots. Download Free John Frusciante Curtains Rarlab on this page.