Baldwin Spinet Piano Serial Number Location

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Regent Halex Dartboard Manual 64510. Welcome to Estey Piano Piano Appraisal: Upright Pianos Upright Piano There are basically 4 types of Vertical (upright) pianos, as well as player pianos. Measure your piano from the floor to the top, and click the matching size. Spinet and Console pianos are very similar. You need to know the brand name of the piano. If it is not on the fallboard above the keys, open the lid and look on the top left hand corner of the metal plate.

It is usually found there. You also need to determine the pianos age. This is done by the serial number and name brand.

The serial # is usually found on plate of the piano between the bass and tenor strings. Bible Quiz With Answers For Youth. It can also be found on the top of the piano when you open the lid.

Official Baldwin Piano site: Buy pianos. Get Baldwin piano information. How to know the exact year of your piano producing Baldwin piano has been an Acrosonic since. Baldwin Piano Serial Numbers.

You are looking for a number like the ones below. Once you have the name, serial #, we can get a general idea of the age. Now, click on the type of piano you have. Images below are full-size uprights—about 48–60 inches tall. Images below are studio uprights—about 45–47 inches tall. Images below are console pianos—about 42–44 inches tall. I'm not sure...

Maybe mine is a spinet. Images below are spinet pianos—about 36 inches tall.

I'm not sure... Maybe mine is a console.

Images below are roll-type player pianos—they play by themselves. Estey Piano is also your source for Piano Sales, New Pianos, Used Pianos, Piano Restoration, Piano Rebuilding, Piano Refinishing, Piano Repair and more. Need a tuner? We are your nationwide source for piano tuning. For more information, or © 2008 David Estey Piano Service. All rights reserved. Website by graphic design, image, brand identity.

Player Piano Serial Numbers and where they are located Service/Technical Manuals - Used Player Piano Parts - Testing the Player Piano - Player Technicians Listing - Player Piano Makers - Player Piano Roll Makers - Service Manuals & Technical Reprints - The Serial Number The Serial Number is typically located in the vicinity of the Tuning Pins and more specifically between the bass and tenor tuning pins. Most commonly, there is a small oval shaped hole (or cut-out) in the cast iron plate (painted gold color) and the Serial Number is stamped into the wood beneath the plate.

This is true for upright units and most grand pianos. Some grand piano makers stamped the number on the Soundboard but this is the exception rather than the rule. On upright units made after 1960, some manufacturers stamped the serial number on the back of the piano.

This is especially true of units made by the Aeolian Corporation and Asian built units. Occasionally, the Serial Number is stenciled on the plate. And at least one maker placed the number on a fancy ivory tag which was affixed inside, near the top of the left side. The point is, it can be located in any number of places. It will usually be a five or six digit number and will not contain any letters or spaces.

Very few makers stamped the number on the soundboard of upright pianos but I have seen three in my career. In each case, the number was made visible by removing the bottom board of the unit. The bottom board is easily removed by depressing the one or two spring clips that hold it in place, under the key bed.