Battletech Mech Designer The Drawing Board

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24 rows Downloads Description; Mech Engineer Pro: 176.83 KB: 507: Mech. The Drawing Board v2.0.7b. Battletech Drawing Board. However, it had been superceded by later and heavier 'Mech designs. Twenty double heat sinks keep the design relatively cool.

HeavyMetal Pro Review on P.R.I. 'The Best in BattleTech Programs' PRI Pages HeavyMetal Pro Review Friday, July 14, 2000Approximately two years ago, I made a fateful decision to write a review about a recently released program. Unlike some reviews out there, I talked about both the bad and the good, saying that it definitely had room for improvement and but that it was a good program that was at least equal to the other two main programs out there.

It didn’t allow you to name your weapons or make text and html files like BattleMech Designer, but it was easier to use. Another major program called The Drawing Board also pulled ahead in the ability to name weapons and was easy to use, but it was buggy and crashed often, along with having substandard printouts. I had other, smaller complaints do to the fact that it was designed for Windows 3. Install Modem. 1x and not Win 9x, so there was no long file name support among other things. When asked which programs I liked better I would say it like this. TDB is easy to use, but doesn’t have good printouts.

Saints Of The Underground Rar Extractor. BMD is hard to use but has good printouts. This other program was easy to use and it had good printouts, but less personalization was allowed. All in all, they were equal. That was my conclusion. The program was HeavyMetal, the only official FASA BattleMech Designer. Within a week of the time I wrote the review, the author of HeavyMetal asked me to Beta test the upgrade that was in the works.

And in these last two years, I have seen HeavyMetal PRO expand from being slightly better then the original and her contemporaries to being light-years ahead of her earlier form. I lobbied for being able to name equipment to match BMD and TDB. I screamed for text and html saving to match BMD. I repeatedly asked (no, I’ll be honest.I demanded) being able to link pictures of the ‘Mechs rather then simply faction logos, to go beyond any other program.