Bhojpuri Serial Audition In Delhi

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Bhojpuri Serial Audition In Delhi

Announce auditions on Facebook- Pawan Nagpal, the casting director who was taking the auditions on behalf of the channel, said, 'Whenever any production house approaches us, we post about it on our Facebook page and send messages to all those who've appeared for previous auditions. We conduct auditions here, select people and send their CDs to the casting director of that particular show. The channel again does a selection of the candidates and the chosen candidates are then called to Mumbai, where they have to appear for auditions again. We just facilitate the audition. Many line producers take money from aspirants, but that is wrong. We don't charge a single penny from candidates, we are paid by the production company only.'

General auditions are frequent in Delhi- Pawan told us, 'There are two kinds of auditions - general auditions and auditions which are done especially for a production house. Today we are auditioning only for lead roles according to the requirements sent to us by the production house. The general auditions happen regularly. In three days, we have auditioned for two different production houses. When we are told about any particular requirement, we send people selected from the general auditions.

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Like today, I got a call from Mumbai for a serial which needed a police inspector. I had auditioned a bald man, who had a baritone and looked like a cop. I sent his details to the production house.' Looking for Dilli-wala attitude- Sohan Thakur, the casting director of TV serials like Madhubala and Rangrasiya, was also present at the audition. Glibc Devel 2 2 90 12 Rpm Rotating. He told Pawan to audition only the 'good-looking and Delhi-type people.' According to Thakur, Delhi has more fresh faces than Mumbai. He said, 'The characters that I am looking for has to have the Dilli-wala attitude.

When we want an attitude in the character we know where to go. It has to be Delhi. The attitude that the girls have here, and the rustic-looking guys, can't be found in Mumbai. Also, the college students here are more aspirational than Mumbai. We have National School of Drama (NSD ) here.'

Pawan added, 'Mumbai mein jitne actors hain sab kahin na kahin kaam kar chuke hain. If not in TV serials then in theatre, but the actors have worked somewhere.

When production houses look for a new face, they want people from Delhi-NCR.' Delhi actors are more hard-working on the sets- From theatre artistes, models, college students to actors who are already working in TV shows - all kinds of candidates had turned up for the audition. Krishna Mukherjee, who is already working in a TV show, said, 'I am working in a TV show and my track will go off air in a few days.

I have to look for another job. Therefore, I have come here. There are many new serials coming up in which actors are from Delhi. Delhi people are getting opportunities now.

Also, it is said that Delhi actors are more hard-working on the sets.' TV has more visibility- Vishal Sawai, a model, had come for the audition because he wants more visibility. He said, 'I keep giving auditions. But this is the first time that I am appearing for a TV serial. Modelling doesn't give visibility, but TV does. Main modelling bhi isiliye kar raha hoon ki koi mujhe TV mein role dilwa de.

In other auditions, you have to pay a certain amount. When I got to know that this audition is free of cost, I thought of trying my luck.

Whatever be the result, I have asked the team to keep me posted about other auditions as well.' Just to get a hang of acting- Another audition held in Kalkaji recently saw many candidates queue up to audition for some upcoming shows of Ekta Kapoor. Pawan was auditioning girls and boys for the roles of female, male and negative male leads for the show which will be set in Patna. Various kinds of people had turned up for the auditions. There were some like Shreya Shrivastava, who had come there just to get a hang of what acting is all about. While others were memorising lines, Shreya kept sitting idle, and whenever she was asked to audition, she would say, 'Iske baad deti hoon na.

Itni mushkil lines kaise yaad hongi itni jaldi.' She told us, 'I have done modelling but acting is something that I have not done before. I love dancing and if they make me dance, I can do it well, but learning these lines is a little tough.' Delhi actors are doing well- Others like Anchal Bharadwaj had just come for a learning experience and to prepare themselves for the long road ahead. 'I have been training at Barry John's academy and I am soon planning to move to Mumbai. I came for the auditions as I wanted to know the process and see where I stand.'