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Tomorrow Is Today

Song: Tomorrow is Today Album: Cold Spring Harbor (1971) (1983) Oh boy, there is a lot going on here and it goes way beyond “Is this a good song?” so let me get the easy part out of the way. This is not a great song but it’s not terrible either.

Its got more going for it than it has against it and after “She’s Got A Way” it’s the most notable song on “Cold Spring Harbor” but it ultimately fails. Nadhaswaram Housewarming Mp3 Free Download. “Tomorrow is Today” is notable for three reasons: • It is the first time as a listener that I feel like Billy Joel is revealing something about himself. • It might be the last unguarded moment in Billy Joel’s career and possibly his life. • The song is based on a suicide note that Billy is said to have left after attempting to take his own life in 1970. According to Joel’s version of events, he was unhappy about a romantic relationship and he attempted to take his own life by drinking furniture polish. Install Modem.

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