Blacksite Installation Problem

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Install Steam login. I'm hoping I get lucky and someone who reads this happens to know which mod is causing the problem. To reiterate, I'm on the Blacksite mission. Dec 11, 2011 BlackSite Area 51 PC Walkthrough Mission 2 Parte 1/3 - Duration: 10:55. K9NoOb 67,080 views. Como baixar e instalar o area-51 pelo torrent.

Blacksite Area 51

UPDATE: after googling with a couple keyword search variations i came across 2 potential solutions, the first of which gave me ideas. Both URLs are included below for reference and the working solution is included below the URLs 1) Install from CD using msi file & command line, my optical drive is Z in this example: start >run msiexec /i 'Z: Area 51(R).msi' /q 2) Install Area 51 Patch 1.2 (winzip'd exe file; 17,680,384 bytes) i tested the installation process a few times, the most significant factor i did find was the use of the /q switch in step 1. I couldn't say for sure why a silent install worked fine and a normal GUI install failed even when directly executing the msi file with administrator privileges (even with UAC disabled) so, I decided to investigate: 1) enable MSI logging 2) msiexec /i 'z: Area 51(R).msi' /l c: Area51.log The Significant lines in the log file are towards the end: Action 6:20:40: DX9_Launcher.A545835B_7768_4D96_A5BC_930949616C2D.

Action start 6:20:40: DX9_Launcher.A545835B_7768_4D96_A5BC_930949616C2D. Action 6:20:40: ResolveSource. Action start 6:20:40: ResolveSource.

Blacksite Area 51 Xbox 360

Action ended 6:20:40: ResolveSource. Return value 1. Action ended 6:20:40: DX9_Launcher.A545835B_7768_4D96_A5BC_930949616C2D.

Return value 3. Action 6:20:40: SetupCompleteError. So, the post on the midway forum with the solution to use the quiet install is a good solution, however the reason it works is not accurate. By looking at the log file you can see the entire installation fails because the integrated DirectX 9 installation routine fails, not because it can't create the installation target.

Supercow Game Crack Free Download more. The post on planetamd64 that talks about using orca to modify the msi file to remove the DX9 installation command is a working solution as well but modifying the msi file is more work than needed. Simply installing the program in silent mode does the trick, WHY it works is beyond my technical expertise, msi logging when using silent mode doesn't help much, nor does monitoring the silent install using Sysinternals' DbgView. Similar Threads Thread Forum Recently I've developed a issue with Vista.

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