Buescher Elkhart Trumpet Serial Numbers

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Buescher Elkhart Trumpet Serial NumbersBuescher Elkhart Trumpet Serial Numbers

Built by Buescher Elkhart, Indiana. Trumpet shows surface wear and minor dents. Includes original case, cone, and mouthpiece. Serial number is 140879 which dates to the early 1920s. VINTAGE Buescher Elkhart TrueTone Trumpet 1920s with Case - CAD $743.91. Trumpet Models; Model. 'Elkhart Built by Buescher' trumpets were a value-line made. The serial numbers on these trumpets are NOT Buescher Serial numbers.

• • • • • • • • Goto page, 2 ->:: Author Message VetPsychWars Heavyweight Member Joined: 07 Nov 2006 Posts: 6976 Location: Greenfield WI Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 2:34 pm Post subject: Re: Buescher Horns KAJR wrote: You are correct, I could see it on the valves and on the valve block when I look more carefully. I am missing one digit, is it 6 digit 258xxx, sorry about that. I guess this makes it 1928-29? Pumpkinhead 2 Rapidshare Library there. Does 234 sound like a good model number for that era? I am sorry I don't know how to post pictures or I would throw on one. Thanks, If you have somewhere to host it, just paste the URL into your message; we'll see it. If not, email it to me, and I'll host it for you.

Tom _________________ Buescher Lightweight 400 Other Buescher horns 1939--1955 GR65M, GR65 Cor #1 beaukoo Veteran Member Joined: 08 Apr 2004 Posts: 435 Location: Midwest Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:47 pm Post subject: beaukoo wrote: If it is a model number 234, it is a model of Aristocrat somewhere between the original Aristocrat and the Aristocrat Custom Built. The serial number would place it's date of manufacture at about 1930, not too long after the Aristocrat was introduced. Below is an admittedly incomplete list of Buescher model numbers that I and some other THers originally put together in 2005. I've made some additional changes to it.