Burny Guitar Serial Numbers

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Burny Guitar Serial Numbers

The guitars have a stamped serial number on the back of the headstock. But they have no other id. But the good thing is I have never seen a bad Burny guitar.

HOW TO DATE A BURNY GUITAR. If you are looking for information to date an old BURNY guitar, you are in the right place. Hdd Regenerator Manual 2011 Gtr.

Get some keys to do it. Old BURNY did not often use serial numbers. • Burny (1973-78): 1970s BURNY guitars were probably made by Terada and generally have a YXXXX (Y=year, XXXX=production number) serial number. BURNY Les Paul Custom FLC-100 (1977). Serial number on the fretboard, The first cypher indicates the production year (7= 1977).

• BURNY 1978-81: Late 1970s BURNY were probably made by Tokai and have Tokai serial numbers. In 1979-80, the BURNY Les Pauls Standard (FLGs) have pearl double ring tuners and no script on the headstock.

BURNY Les Paul Standard FLG (1979). BURNY started to have “Super Grade” on the headstock since 1981. In 1981, the FLGs are called The Revival and have the “Super Grade model” script on the headstock, placed exactly the same place as the Les Paul script on the original Gibson (high script, above the D and G tuners). FERNANDES double ring tuners. BURNY Les Paul Standard FLG (1981). The Gibson bell-shaped covers are found on 1970’s to early 1980’s models.

• Burny 1981-89. Install Ms Fonts Linux Mint. From 1981 to 1991, guitars were made by Tokai, Fujigen (until early 90s), Kasuga, Matsumoku ( 1982 to 1986) and Dyna Gakki. Regarding the BURNY Les Pauls (RLGs), in 1982-83 the “ Super Grade” script is placed a little lower, the “ model ” is exactly the same high as the G and D tuner. BURNY Les Paul Standard RLGs (1983, 1988 and 1988).