Can I Install Microsoft Office 2007 On Multiple Computers

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Did you know that you can legally install Microsoft Office on two computers? That’s right, a single Microsoft Office license and purchase can be legally installed on two computers. Note: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

Can I Install Microsoft Office 2007 On Multiple Computers

Many, including myself, have not fully read through Microsoft’s license agreement or EULA. First off, it is very long, and second, I probably won’t understand most of it. Winning Eleven 2000 Psx Iso Torrent. But there is a neat little point that allows you and I to install a single copy of Microsoft Office on two computers legally. What did I buy when I bought Microsoft Office?

Office 2007 licensesYou get 3 licenses with the retail version of Office 2007 Home & Student.Other retail copies allow you to install on up to two. Frequently asked questions; Install Office. Can I install the Project Professional for Office 365 on multiple PCs? Can I open my Project 2007 files in Project.

You bought, and you own, the physical media -- the CDs and some paperwork. You also bought the rights (a license) to use the software in the manner outlined by the EULA. You may own the media, that is, the actual CDs, but you don't own the content (intellectual property) contained on the CD’s. That content being the Software of Microsoft Office. You own the right to use that intellectual property in certain ways. The ways in which you use that intellectual property are dictated by the EULA.

In short, you do not own Microsoft Office. You just paid for the right to use it. The right to install Microsoft Office on two computers. From the above excerpt out of the Microsoft Office EULA, which you can download from the page, you can clearly read that you can legally install Microsoft Office on two computers. Poker Copilot Serial Number there. According to sub section c 'Protable Device', of section 2 'Instalation and Use Rights': ' You may install another copy of the software on a portable device for use by the single primary user of the licensed device” This was confirmed by a reply tweet on This applies to all Microsoft Office products. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Outlook Social Connector, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, SharePoint Workspace, Project Standard, Visio Premium, Visio Professional, Project Professional, and the Home and Student versions of the following: Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word.