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DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy this crappy re-issue by Rush Hour. All of the essential tracks on the first 3 sides of this landmark, groundbreaking album are faded out halfway through!! Seriously --- What the hell??!!! Bough this on CD when it first came out on Planet E in 1997 and was sooooo excited to see that it has been repressed/remastered by Rush Hour, a label that used to do a great job reissuing 'lost gems' that have become very rare & cost prohibitive to obtain. Bought this POS version they released onsite in NYC, as I've wanted a vinyl version of 'At Les' & 'Butterfly' to play out (I'm pretty much a vinyl-only DJ).

Now I own a watered-down, embarrassing, useless pice of petroleum which completely disgraces the original intent, flow & genius that Carl Craig put so much of his energy & hard work into. Rush Hour - you should be ASHAMED to be 'raping' & 'cashing in' on the success of this Detroit legend's work. I will NEVER buy another one of your records again. BTW - Until today, I have never posted a negative review on Discogs. Ok,Ok.I just my first 'WTF?!'

Install Tuning Peg Harp Download Free Software here. Moment in my vinyl collecting history. It's just the Label of Side B is missing, it was kinda suprising, after listening to the first side and then flipping the record, seeing this pale white circle in the center of the record:D. But the music, as we all know, is stellar and a definitive statement in techno/electronic music history.

The pressing to me sounds really great and deep (Televised Green Smoke, for example, has this really great 'OOMPH' that'll blow your system:D) Just a wonderful Reissue!

For me, he's the biggest, the most influential musical hero emerging from Detroit. Yes, that's saying a lot but this album is a solid proof how such a claim can be made. For me, a definite proof that a quality full length Detroit techno album can be made. I'd even rate this as one of all time greatest electronic music albums ever. So, you know Carl. Within Temptation Feat Tarja Paradise Mp3 Download here. He has his unique style, far from hard hitting, percussion driven techno.

The deal is that we have a wide range of techno here, some more beat driven, some more sound scape oriented, dare I say ambient. Hey listen, the guy has even made a techno tune which has an electronic guitar on it, 'Science Fiction, and it still sounds freaking awesome. 'Science Fiction', which was later released as a single and practically the only single from this album, is a remarkable, atmospheric breakbeat techno which is a great way to kick things off after the melancholic 'Mind Of A Machine'.

'A Wonderful Life' and later 'Home Entertainment' provide more ambient intervals which fit in really well. Then the mellow moods of 'Landcruising', the energy and technological spirit of 'They Were' and 'One Day Soon', this album is wide range of musical sceneries each and every one perfectly executed. Released back in 1995, I can only imagine what this sounded like. I found this years later and I was blown away.

Trust me on this one, I swear, you really can't put a price tag on this one.