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Driver’s license is not only a document that enables one to drive but is considered an important piece of identification. A state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) issues a driver’s license after verifying both the age and proof of residence of a driver. It is for this reason that very often a driver’s license is also used for other purposes such as voter registration etc.

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Since there is no centralized identity card in the US, it is open to residents in most states to opt for a non-driver’s photo ID card as proof of identification and residence. It is the responsibility of each license holder to update his or her information, especially a change of address on the driver’s license, within a specified period of time. In Nevada for example this period is 30 days. If a resident of the state is moving to another state, he or she is also required to notify the DMV in the state of their intention to move. Assimil English Book Pdf.

Change Address On License