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The 5 step move method is a pretty effective method for working out a move. Look for your opponents moves. The first thing you should prioritize when making a move is to look for your opponents moves. Are they threatening any captures or tactics 2 moves ahead?

The Steps Method is a method to teach children to play chess. A large number of schools and chess clubs use this method for their. Chess Steps Method Pdf Printer.

You should also look at checks for your opponents and try to work out what they are doing? Look for your moves. If your opponent is not forcing anything it makes sense to look at what you can do. Are there any dangerous captures or checks? If so are they good? Looking 2 and a half moves ahead is often enough to decide whether a move is good or not. Improve your pieces.

Chess Steps

If there are no immediate tactics in your position. It makes sense to put your pieces on better squares. Knowing where your pieces 'like to be' is very important. In general Kings like to be castled but want to come out in the endgame.

Queens like to attack but dont want to be attacked by pieces so are very useful when a few pieces have been traded off. The Rook love open files and attacking the 7th rank both with his best friend the other rook. Windows 7 Themes Skin Pack Download on this page. Bishops love diagonals where they are not obscructed pawns. Knights love the centre and the 6th rank where they cannot be attacked by pawns. Pawns love gaining space and premoting later into the game.

Just knowing what your worst piece is and how to improve it will get you quite far in chess. Check your move is ok.

Chess Steps Method Pdf Writer

This cuts your blunder rate by about half and also means you are more likely to pick up your opponents mistakes. Have a plan of attack. Improving your pieces is fine but you must have a plan of attack.

Also restricting your opponents pieces will help. In general you should attack where you have the potential that is the queenside, the kingside and the center. I hope you like my method.

And please comment about how I can improve it. Essential Social Psychology Crisp Turner Pdf Printer here.