Cirrus Logic 5446 Driver Linux Mg5650

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Greetin's again. As from my previous thread I mentioned that my GF6 6600 blew out and now it's back at the manufacturer hopefully getting replaced.

Cirrus Logic 5446 Driver Linux Mg5650

Unreal Tournament 2004 Patch V3369 on this page. My friend loaned me a cirrus Logic card. Unsure as to what kind it is but either way. I'm trying to get it to display at 1024x768 resolution but it refuses to do so. Trying to get it to display at 24 bit just produces 3 of the same images. One in the top left corner, one in the bottom right and one in the middle, each hued a different color.

Cirrus Logic 5446 Driver Linux Mg5650

GD 5446 Cirrus Logic GD. WANic 520 PCI Driver Notes 1 or 2 ports.Linux. Avery Avery Brother Brother Brother Brother 23. Cirrus 5446: Generic: Cirrus. Noise never sounded so quiet. From world-class Acoustic Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology to hi-fidelity playback, Cirrus Logic's hardware and software solutions. You are trying to start up X, using a cirrus logic 5446 PCI video card. Why are you trying to load an 'Ethernet' driver? And worse yet, an ethernet driver for a 2.2.

Blue, Green and Red (not in that order.) 16 bit on the other hand just copies the image ontop at the top of the screen and bottom. 800x600x16 reproduces the top of the screen on the bottom. If you bring your mouse cursor to the top of the screeen, you can see the cursor on the top of the monitor but it's also in the lower middle now.) I tried Vert Hz ranges of 50-90 (that worked for my GF6), 50-100, 50-110 and 50-150. This monitor is probably pretty darn old and I have no idea what brand it is. Doesn't even say on the back actually just says 'plug & play' on the top right. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

(Edit) Added my xorg.conf file below.

I have 2 options of VGA: lspci grep VGA 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Cirrus Logic GD 5446 00:03.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK104GL [GRID K520] (rev a1) It's an instance of Ubuntu running on Amazon EC2. When I open my xserver I get the following message: (WW) CIRRUS: More than one matching Device section found: Autoconfigured Video Device cirrus In fact the X server gets open and it works.

But with the resources of the 'Cirrus Logic'. I wanna be able to choose the VGA I want when open the X Server. How do I do that? • PS: The final goal here is to use OpenGL of NVIDIA. This is an Ubuntu running on Amazon AWS. It has GPU so it's supposed to have a way for me to use OpenGL on it.

• PS2: Disable the Cirrus VGA is also very welcome. Is there a way to do that? So I got everything to run on the Amazon-provided Ubuntu 14.04 AMI ubuntu-trusty-14.04-amd64. Below is my setup code. I kept the old answer attached below as well, for people to find in Google.