Datacard Id Works Serial Port

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FAQ - Datacard Printers Drivers and Firmware Q. How do I know which Driver and Firmware version are installed? The installed Driver version is displayed on the.exe file being run; e.g. The current version of the driver is V2.1.242.0. To establish the Firmware version installed use the LCD display: USER BUTTON >ENTER >STATUS >FW REVISION The latest Firmware version is D2.11.44.0. We do not recommend using anything lower than the above revisions.

Datacard Cd800

For the latest Drivers please download from the following link Q. My SD printer won’t install via USB, the Driver installation doesn’t recognise the printer being plugged in. 1) Check that the USB port isn't faulty by plugging another item in to see if the PC recognises it. 2) Ensure the USB cable isn't faulty by trying another cable for printer connection. 3) Ensure the printer is plugged in and powered on. 4) If none of the above simple steps resolve the issue it usually means the printer has been plugged in without the driver being run first.

5) To solve this go into Device Manager and remove the device by clicking on ‘XPS card printer’ under ‘Network adapters’ and select uninstall. Note the printer must be plugged in at this time.

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Once you have uninstalled the device, unplug the printer and run the Driver installation. Upon successful Driver installation reconnect the printer. My printer will not install over Ethernet.

Ensure that the printer is configured correctly for the network it is being placed on. You will need to decide whether it is going to be installed using DHCP or Static IP. Choosing between the two is done within the printers LCD: USER BUTTON >ENTER >CONFIGURATION >DCHP / STATIC IP Q. How can I assign the printer with a static IP address? You will need to access the ‘Printer Manager’ USB - Establish what the ‘USB IP Address’ is. On the LCD go to: USER BUTTON >ENTER >STATUS >USB IP ADDRESS Once you have the USB IP Address simply open up a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer etc) and type the address into the address bar; e.g.

Ethernet - Establish what the ‘IP Address’ is. On the LCD go to: USER BUTTON >ENTER >STATUS >NETWORK STATUS >IP ADDRESS Once you have The IP Address simply open up a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer etc) and type the address into the address bar; e.g. Once in here go to: PRINTER SETTING >COMMUNICATION Error Messages Q. I'm constantly getting error code 109, 110, 118 or 119 A. The error codes are due to ribbon issues. First check that the RFID tag on the ribbon hasn’t been removed.

If it has been removed you will get one of the error messages above and the ribbon will essentially be unusable. The same will apply if it has been placed back on again. Note: The ribbon’s cap has a sensor inside that communicates with the printer. The cap must not be removed. I've taken the necessary actions to clear the error message on the LCD but it won’t go away. Download Free Email Outlook Pdf Student Web Uom.

Simply hold down the USER BUTTON until the printer clears the error message. Then try printing a card. Printing and Ribbon Problems Q.

The colour on my cards look very washed out and faded, what can I do? Ensure you have the latest firmware version D2.11.44.0.

This is advertised as increasing the quality of monochrome printer but is also known to increase the quality of full colour prints. I have updated the firmware but the image still looks washed out. Try increasing the YMC power in the Printer Manager. To increase the YMC Power / Power calibration go into the Printer Manager and go to: PRINTER SETTINGS >PRINT >YMC POWER/YMC POWER CALIBRATION If this doesn’t solve the problem we suggest that the printer is returned to manufacturer for investigation. I'm getting a white line going down the entire face of my card on every card. If you have cleaned your printers using a cleaning kit and you still have a white line going down the card it generally indicates a faulty print head.