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'After enjoying Dave's recent collaboration with frYars on the fun new track entitled 'Visitors', Hidden Houses decided to contact Ben Garrett with a few questions about the interaction. Q: How did you meet Dave and how did he become interested in the project? A: I've never met Dave in person. Only on skype. Luke Smith, who I produced my album with, was working as the programmer on sounds of the universe. All of the mode heard the album and really liked it and Luke was mixing Visitors in New York on downtime in the studio and Dave gave his vocals to it as he liked the track so much. Custom Robo Battle Revolution Iso. Q: How / where were the vocals recorded?

A: The vocals were recorded in New York. Mine were done in Italy a few months before and then we mixed them in London. Q: Do you think either or both of you learned something musically / stylistically from the interaction? A: As the only interaction was on Skype, possibly not.

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Initial D Live Action Movie Free Download. Though I do feel that Dave's vocal was perfect for the track. A happy accident as it were. The song is about two men living in a house and going mad with each other. So it is appropriate that there is another male voice in any case.

But it's a rather good male voice! Q: Were you surprised by the level of interest in the song due to Dave's involvement?

Have you heard from a lot of Dave / Depeche Mode fans? I knew it would have some impact, but Dave himself seems to have an abundance of devoted followers. There's an awful lot of Mrs.Gahans! Q: Where did the idea for the video come from? Were the scenes taken in CA or elsewhere? A: Luke filmed Dave's contribution to the video in New York.

There's 10 minutes of quality entertainment from what they filmed. Maybe one day it will be released upon the world.The rest of the video was done in a studio in Walthamstow, London. Q: Your music and the video have a retro/80s feel to them - were you a Depeche Mode fan and do you consider them to be a significant influence on your music? A: I think partly because of my musical process, there are 80s elements, and most obviously in Visitors. And the video was done to mirror the 80s feel to the track. Q: Your new album will be out in March; will this be available through itunes, amazon, indie stores? It should be available in all those places unless something goes very wrong.