Diddy Kong Racing Ds Cheat Codes

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Adventure 2 Get the four original trophies, to unlock the secret world. In this world, get all the baloons, and the final trophy. (Giving you 47 baloons, and 5 trophies). Take on Wizpig (the one in the fifth world, future fun land). When you win, you'll unlock the 'Adventure Two' option. In this mode, you collect silver colored baloons, and all the courses are mirrored.

In addition, you can now choose to play a course in 'Adventure' or 'Adventure 2' mode, in the track mode. Contributed By: German Dragon. Challenges In 4 of the 5 worlds, there is a T.T.

Cheat codes and cheat code devices for DS, Wii, PS2, XBOX, XBOX360, DS, PSP. Taj would eventually be made playable in the game's DS. There are some unused/debug cheat codes. Likely from an early version of. Diddy Kong Racing DS is the Nintendo DS remake of the Nintendo 64 game, Diddy Kong Racing. Diddy Kong Racing DS was Rare's first Nintendo DS game.

Challenge that can be unlocked by finding a key on a course in that world. Beating these Challenges will earn you pieces of the T.T. Once unlocked, you can also play these in 'Tracks' Mode. Unlockable How to Unlock Grab the Key on Cresent Island.

At the first junction near Start, float on the water towards a pillar and go behind it for the Key. Darkwater Beach Grab the Key on Ancient Lake. Look for a ramp on the left near the Start Fire Mountain Grab the Key in Snowball Valley. Turn directly left or right at Start to the chasm where the key is hidden Icicle Pyramid Grab the Key on Boulder Canyon. Path Of Irreversible Scars Mp3 Download more.

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Level up a booster to 3, ring the bell to raise the bridge and quickly boost up the raised bridge to grab the key. Smokey Castle Contributed By: Entegy.

In each world, there is a door, needed to be opened by a key. There is one race in each world where you can find the hidden key. Once you find it, the door will be unlocked, and go to it!! Unlockable: How to unlock: key in Dino Domain (first world) go to ancient lake, go to ramp at starting point(at right), go up it, get key, quit key in Snowflake Mountain (second world) go to snowball valley, go IMMEDIATELY go left (you'll see a fence), find key, quit key in Sherbert Island (third world) go to crescent island, after choosing either way from starting point, go in water area after that, get key, quit key in Dragon Forest (fourth world) go to Boulder Canyon, go to the bridge, run into the FIRST CHAIN WITH THE BELL (bridge will go up), ride up bridge, get key, quit.