Dirt Devil Kone M0213 Manual Muscle

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Dirt Devil describes its Kone M0213 handheld vacuum, $45 (and similar M0212, $43), “an elegant, sculptural form that can be left on display.” Our latest tests. Two Dirt Devil Kone models found Not Acceptable. Handheld Kone M0213, $45. We believe the L-code Dirt Devil Kone M0213 and all M0212 models pose a. The Dirt Devil SD40020 Jaguar II canister vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier with a lightweight design and on-board tools!

Bag Door Cover Assembly 02. Gasket - Hose Inlet 03. Variable Speed Control Assembly 04.

Upper Housing Assembly Includes Handle / Pedals / Switch 05. Power Switch With Retainer 06. Switch Pedal With Spring 07. Cord Release Pedal With Spring 08. Bag Door Lockout Assembly 09. Gasket - Upper Housing 10. Lower Housing Assembly 11.

Universal Wheel Assembly 12. Download Hiiro No Kakera Sub Indo Mkv more. Hose Socket With Wiring 13. Cord Reel Assembly - 17? Motor Assembly With Housing 15.

Motor Housing Assembly 16. Gasket - Motor Housing 17. Circuit Board With Wiring 18. F-46 Exhaust Filter Assembly 19. Cover - Exhaust Filter 20.

Dirt Devil Kone M0213 Manual Muscle

Bag Holder Assembly 21. Type R Bag 21.

Hepa Filter Bag - Type R 22. Inlet Filter 23. Cover - Inlet Filter 24. Hose Assembly - 6? Lower Wand With Cord 26.

Upper Wand 27. Bare Floor Brush - Black 28. Tool Holder / Caddy 29. Upholstery Tool 30. Dusting Brush Assembly - Pet 31. Dusting Brush Assembly 32.

Crevice Tool 33. Power Nozzle Assembly Complete.

Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum Manual

For our in the of Consumer Reports, which hits newsstands today, we tested a variety of upright, canister, and handheld machines. Unfortunately, pose a safety risk and were judged Not Acceptable. Dirt Devil calls its best-selling, handheld Kone M0213, $45, and similar M0212, $43, “an elegant, sculptural form that can be left on display.” Our tests suggest some Kone owners should do precisely that. Four of the M0213 and two of the M0212 models threw some of the sand they picked up out of their exhaust ports at testers’ faces and eyes, something we didn’t find with other hand vacs. We used fine, uniform silica sand as we do with all vacuums to test carpet and floor cleaning. To better assess the models’ real-world risks, we also used sand found in many backyards and glass from broken lightbulbs—common cleaning messes. Both models released small particles of each in the same way.