Dnn Password Decrypt

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We are building an application on top of DNN 3. We add our own tables into the DNN database, in which has our own employee table. Lightwave 3d Trial Crack Mac Photoshop. We want to copy some of employee table information into aspnet_Membership table so that we can manage employee in our own page while using DNN login form for employee log in. However, we found aspnet_Membership userID and Password are encrypted. Is there anyway we can set them up to use clear text without touch the core of DNN? Btw, what are applicationID, passwordsalt for?

They are all encrypted, and any encrypted stuff will scare me from touch it. Why does encrypted stuff scare you? The password salt is used to decrypt the password while the ApplicationID is the ID of the Portal you are running. Remember that MemberRole is a backport of ASP.NET 2.0 from Microsoft. I believe there is a setting in web.config which will allow you to save your passwords in clear text but I've not used it so can't say whether it works as expected. In my opinion you are better off leaving the passwords encrypted - but again that's my personal opinion.

The long way is to find a user whos password you do know replace the encrypted password and salt key of the host user with the user you do know. That works fine and is useful and all but requires a firm understanding of using SQL and the inner workings of DNN. But there is a better way. Forgot Password system will not work. In this post I'll walk through the simple process of changing your configuration to go from Encrypted Passwords to. Dnn password. Decrypt the passwords. Prashanth Hits Tamil Mp3 Songs Download.

Dnn Password Decrypt

Hi Friends, I have installed DotNetNuke on my IIS and it is working fine. I am developing one VB.Net application which uses the DotNetNuke's Username, password information. The passwords are in encrypted format.

Can any body tell me what encryption algorithm they use. So that I can follow the same algorithm and compare it with the password stored in the DotNetNuke's Membership.

Database (when user login). I found functions lik Encrypt, Decrypt in the PortalSecurity.vb. I think these are functions used to encrypt the passwords, but I don't know which class calling this functions. Also I want to know about 'Password Salt' field in the Membership database, and how it affects the encryption/decryption. Further in the webconfig file one key is there like below I want to know how this affects the encryption. Thanks in Advance Maria.