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You know, I get offended a. Yeah It Does. But yeah that statement you made. The most remote and dangerous places so that she can extract rare and precious. Should I be offended by what my boyfriend said? #1 i can understand why you'd be offended. Why are rational and non-insecure girls like you so rare.

Yeah but being eaten isn't something 1 in 5 fetuses experiences (as far as I know). It's rare for me to be offended by a meme. I always thought that sense of righteous indignation you got from being offended on someone else’s behalf was a source of. I hate to break it to you, but, yeah.

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Oh Yeah It Does

Other subreddits you might enjoy • • • • • • • • • • • • • •. I am usually pretty sensitive with rape jokes because I feel like they trivialize rape or in some other way adds to the rape culture. With insanity wolf I've never even thought about it, because when it comes to insanity wolf it puts eating fetuses and rape on the same level. So what is funny about eating aborted fetuses?

Yeah You Did It

Or putting your balls on fire? Or all the other insane things. So rape in that context doesn't bother me. Hitman Pro Trial Reset.

But when I think about it there is so much rape used in a jokey context and insanity wolf is just another outlet for it so I can see how it bothers some people. Jokes about rape are way to common.

I fail to see the humor in it. I really do.if someone can explain to me why rape, pedophilia, pedobear etc jokes are funny I'd love to hear why. I'm not even offended anymore; it just makes me think people like that are really stupid, and I kinda feel sorry for them. Edit: I don't say this to try to insult anyone, it's just my honest knee jerk reaction and it's what I think because I fail to see the joke.

Too many have that 'if it hasn't happened to me it's hilarious' mentality and it seems so naive. Statistically speaking, odds are reddit has a lot more rape victims than the rest of reddit even knows exists. It's not a rare thing like some laugh it off to be.