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Donizetti Concertino Pdf FilesConcertino For Clarinet

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For our orchestra I digitalized the Donizetti Clarinet Concertino by scanning a complete score with OCR. The piece itself is not under copyright (1848), but i guess the articulations of the edition i scanned are.

The question is: if i remove all the articulations from the score and add my own (wich of course are way better than the 'original' ones) - is it then ok to upload it under the creative commons license? After all the edition should (without the articulations) be corresponding to the Urtext-Edition which is being sold by the same publisher.

Greetings tilmaen. I have looked into this further, and have found 2 recordings: Koch Schwann just has the Allegretto movement, which I'd bet is what tilmaen has. The Naxos recording has an Andante Sostenuto and an Allegretto, the Andante Sostenuto being the movement that ABRSM publishes in a reconstruction. The Naxos notes state: 'The present version of Donizetti's Concertino for clarinet and orchestra is an attempt to reconstruct the original form of the work from sketches in the composer's own hand for the first movement (middle part of Ms.4144, Bibliotheque Nationale), entitled Esquisse pour hautbois and for the second movement the Museo Donizettiano Mss. 1 2a (score) and 12a Ccl (piano reduction). The reconstruction has attempted to link the two movements, with additions, transposition and scoring of the first movement and a critical revision of the very defective material for the second movement. Jbl Charge 2 Serial Number on this page. ' There is nothing in the notes to explain why a movement for oboe would be considered to be the first movement to a Clarinet Concertino, but obviously tilmaen wouldn't have any links from this to his movement either.