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List of MPPs • • () • () • () • () Area • Land 420.57 km 2 (162.38 sq mi) • Urban 232.48 km 2 (89.76 sq mi) • Metro 2,662.40 km 2 (1,027.96 sq mi) Elevation 251 m (823 ft) Population (2016) • City () 383,822 () • Density 913.1/km 2 (2,365/sq mi) • 494,069 () () • Summer () () Website London is a city in, along the. The city has a population of 383,822 according to the 2016 Canadian census. London is at the confluence of the, approximately 200 kilometers from both, Ontario and,; and about 230 kilometers from,. The City of London is a separated municipality, from, though it remains the county seat.

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London and the Thames were named in 1793 by, who proposed the site for the capital of, the first European settlement was between 1801 and 1804 by Peter Hagerman. The village was founded in 1826 and in 1855, since then, London has grown to be the largest Southwestern Ontario municipality and Canada's, having annexed many of the smaller communities that surrounded it. London is a regional centre of health care and education, being home to the,, and several hospitals, the city hosts a number of musical and artistic exhibits and festivals, which contribute to its tourism industry, but its economic activity is centred on education, medical research,, and. London's university and hospitals are among its top ten employers.

London lies at the junction of and, connecting it to Toronto, (which is directly across from ), and. It also has an, train and bus station. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • History [ ] Prior to European contact in the 18th century, the present site of London was occupied by several,, and villages. Archaeological investigations in the region indicate that people have resided in the area for at least the past 10,000 years. Settlement [ ] The current location of London was selected as the site of the future capital of in 1793 by who also named the village which was founded in 1826. It did not become the that Simcoe had envisioned. Rather, it was an administrative seat for the area west of the actual capital, (now Toronto).

Locally, it was part of the, named for Colonel, the chief coloniser of the area, who oversaw the land surveying and built the first for the administration of the Western Ontario peninsular region. Together with the rest of Southwestern Ontario, the village benefited from Talbot's provisions, not only for building and maintaining roads but also for assignment of access priorities to main routes to productive land, at the time, Crown and were receiving preference in the rest of Ontario. In 1814, there was a skirmish during the in what is now southwest London at Reservoir Hill, formerly Hungerford Hill. In 1832, the new settlement suffered an outbreak of. London proved a centre of strong support during the of 1837, notwithstanding a brief rebellion led. Consequently, the British government located its Ontario peninsular garrison there in 1838, increasing its population with soldiers and their dependents, and the business support populations they required.