Download Free Technische Formelsammlung Gieck Pdf Merge

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Download Free Technische Formelsammlung Gieck Pdf Merge

Heat pump equipment comprising at least three heat exchangers, one of which is intended to be located in an enclosed region and the other two of which are intended to be located outside the enclosed region. Donllod Lagu Kaulah Ibuku. Each heat exchanger has a delta connection end connected in heat-exchange fluid communication with a delta arrangement.

Download Free Technische Formelsammlung Gieck Pdf Merge

The delta connection end of each heat exchanger is connected to both of the delta connection ends of the other two heat exchangers via the delta arrangement. There are three fluid-expansion devices, one between the two connections of each pair of adjacent connections of the heat exchangers to the delta arrangement.

The present invention extends to heat pump equipment comprising at least three heat exchangers connected in a heat-exchange fluid circuit, one of which heat exchangers is intended to be located in an enclosed region and another of which is intended to be located outside the enclosed region. A third one of the heat exchangers is arranged so that air which flows through an aperture in a wall which forms a boundary of the enclosed region passes over the said third heat exchanger. What I claim is: 1. TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to heat pump equipment.

BACKGROUND ART In previously proposed heat pump equipment, means have been provided to enable heat exchangers outside a building to be defrosted even while the equipment is being used to transfer heat from outside the building into its interior, in the form of more than one pressure drop and complex solenoid operated valve systems. The Fray Scars And Stories Download Deluxe. This has made the equipment relatively expensive, and, because of its complexity, relatively difficult to diagnose any malfunction occurring within the equipment. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A first aspect of the present invention seeks to obviate this disadvantage.

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