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The last days I needed to download a bunch of medical videos which have been uploaded to RapidShare by many other people. Although RapidShare (and all the other 1-click file-hosting services) is very convenient, it has some strict rules for free accounts, for example a guest has to wait for 120 seconds per 1 MB of downloaded data and – to make it worse – no download managers are allowed. Since “waiting” is not a game I like and since I intended to use either or to download the files, I decided to sign up for a Premium account and then figure out how to use the aforementioned tools. Fortunately, registered users are permitted to use download managers and, as you will read in the following article, the Linux command line downloaders work flawlessly with a Premier account. Theory Rapidshare uses cookie-based authentication. This means that every time you log into the service, a cookie containing information which identifies you as a registered user is stored in your browser’s cookie cache.

Both wget and curl support saving and loading cookies, so before using them to download any files, you should save such a cookie. Having done this, then the only required action in order download from RapidShare is to load the cookie, so that wget or curl can use it to authenticate you on the RapidShare server. This is pretty much the same you would do with a graphical download manager.

The difference now is that you do it on the command line. Beyonce Live At Revel Dvd Free Download on this page. Below you will find examples about how to perform these actions using both wget and curl.

IMPORTANT: Please note that in order to use these command-line utilities or any other download managers with RapidShare, you will have to check the Direct Downloads option in your account’s options page. Save your RapidShare Premium Account Cookie Saving your RapidShare cookie is a procedure that needs to be done once. The login page is located at: The login form requires two fields: login and password. These are pretty self-explanatory. In the following examples, the RapidShare username is shown as USERNAME and the password as PASSWORD. Using wget In order to save your cookie using wget, run the following: wget --save-cookies ~/.cookies/rapidshare --post-data 'login=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD' -O - >/dev/null –save-cookies: Saves the cookie to a file called rapidshare under the ~/.cookies directory (let’s assume that you store your cookies there) –post-data: is the POST payload of the request.