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The Rotor-Gene 6000 is unlike any other real-time system. It uses a unique centrifugal rotary design, ideal for even the most demanding requirements of real-time thermo-optical analyses. What sets the Rotor-Gene apart is its amazing precision; the result of near-perfect well-to-well thermal and optical uniformity.

Vray Download For Sketchup on this page. Its design also enables a fast data acquisition rate, a capability now proving to be essential for advanced applications such as HRM (high-resolution melt). Features: - It supports the broadest range of applications, including quantification, HRM (high-resolution melt), end-point, association/disassociation (i.e. Melting/annealing) kinetics, and nucleic acid concentration measurement - Included software supports the most real-time data analysis methods - It has the greatest optical range, with 6 channels spanning UV to infra-red wavelengths - It uses the widest range of reaction tube formats.

Free download rotorgene 6000 drivers download software at UpdateStar. Rotor-Gene - Shareware. Download rotorgene 6000 drivers. Technical Note Page 1 of 5 QIAGEN Rotor Gene Q: Software V2.0 Instrument Setup Instructions for RT2PCR Profiler™ Arrays Preparation Before the Experiment.

Rotor Gene 6000Rotor Gene 6000 Software Download