Drivers Hour Guard Instructions

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Drivers Hour Guard Instructions

NEW TS01 AND TS02-Driver Hour Guard TimerS The Driver Hour Guard TS01 DHG The Driver Hour Guard ® Timers have undoubtedly become the most popular timer in use today by UK & European Truck Driver’s. Designed by a Driver for Driver’s the clever timer is sure to keep you legal within the complicated Driver’s hours legislation. The simple to operate timer will notify you of any impending breaks or rests that you may require under the driver’s hours or working time directive regulations. At the start of the working day the Hour Guard ® will only allow you to end your rest period if you have successfully completed your 9 or 11 hr rest requirement, from starting working you simply press the same button as you would on your tachograph. The Hour Guard ® will then record the total driving time, other work, or periods of availability and display on the screen what time you must stop for a break, it permits you to take 1 x 15 minute break and or 30 minute breaks and ensures that all break requirements are met with on screen warnings as the time for a break approaches.

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Download Adventure Maps On Minecraft Pe. The Hour Guard ® software is programmed with the permitted breaks, therefore you can be rest assured that by using the hour guard timers you will remain within the law drastically reducing the risks of tachograph infringements. The timer will also alert you to maximum shifts, as you approach 15 hrs the timer sounds a loud warning which must be cancelled by the driver confirming they have been made aware of the warning, if the driver has already used their 3 x 15 hrs shifts for the week, the timer will warn them as the 13 hr maximum approaches, unless a consecutive rest of 3 hrs break has been ta ken, in which case it will allow a maximum shift of 15 hrs under split shift operation but leave a 9hr Segment on the screen after a 9 hr rest reduction.

The added bonus of using the hour guard ® timers comes with it’s capability of showing the user their 26 week average working time, therefore allowing the driver to adjust their shifts accordingly by either increasing or decreasing the number of hours worked to make the most of the 26 week rule. Digital Tachographs are now required to be fitted in all new trucks, but by moving a vehicle for only a few seconds, the digital tachograph will record 1 full minute, by using the hour guard you can get the most from your working day by seeing just how much driving time you have in reality. What benefit does the Timers Offer? Yorkshire, United Kingdom Pride of the Fleet Ltd - The online automotive specialist! Welcome to Pride of the Fleet Ltd, the UK Based online automotive specialist with an extensive range of automotive products and accessories. We have over 1200 items online and can source over 3800 off-line through our supplier base. We specialise in products for the following: Trucks, Motorhomes, Boats, Caravans, Coaches, Vans, Limousines, Cars etc.

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