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To avoid fake stamp papers in indian market. Indian government has introduce E-Stamp Papers facility for Security, Integrity, Paperless, Ease Accessibility, Cost Savings, User Friendly and also to focus on recent technology. In this process, indian government has appointed as CRA(Central Record Keeping Agency), where CRA is responsible for User Registration, Imprest Balance Administration and overall E-Stamping Application Operations and Maintenance. CRA will appoint ACC s(Authorised Collection Center) who will issue certificates to the clients at their counters. Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. (SHCIL) established as Public Limited Company in 1986.

It is jointly promoted and owned by leading Banks and Financial Institutions such as IDBI Bank Ltd, ICICI Bank Ltd, SU-UTI, IFCI Ltd., LIC and other all leaders in their fields of Banks and Financial Benefits of E-Stamping • e-Stamp Certificate can be generated within few minutes • e-Stamp Certificate generated is tamper proof • Authenticity of the e-Stamp certificate can be checked through the inquiry module. • e-Stamp Certificate generated has a Unique Identification Number (UIN). • Specific denomination is not required Please choose your State list dropdown button to view. • Inspector incharge in your zone • List of Sub-Registar office in your zone • List of Articles • List of E-Stamping Centres in your zone Click Download button at the top right corner to download below forms 1. Application forms for stamp duty payment Application form for Stamp Duty Additional Stamp Duty Form Application form for Stamp Duty (Bihar state only) Additional Stamp Duty (Bihar state only) Application form for Stamp Duty (Tamil Nadu state only) 2. ID creation forms Application form for Sub-Registrar e-Stamping Branch Registration Form De-Activation Form Additional User ID Creation form 3. Password reset form Application form for Password Reset Verify E-Stamp Certificate An E-Stamp can be verified in online by clicking on verify e-Stamp certificate and entering the required details i.e 1. Cara Membuat Peta Manual Transmission more.