Esprit Sun Speed Stroller Manual

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Two lightweight sisters from GT Baby--Esprit Sun Speed and Rock Star Baby Candy Yes, it's that time of year again. Samsung Remote Server Client Concepts there. The time for the wearing o' the green, or the strolling o' the green. With that in mind, we bring you the new, Kelly Green, St.

Esprit Sun Speed Stroller Manual

Patrick pick, the Esprit Sun Speed! (And a comparison to it's sister stroller, the Rock Star Baby Candy, to follow.) This is the flattest reclining two handled umbrella stroller in it's class. Which means it is suitable for a very young baby. But the seat is also very tall and wide, which makes it great stroller for an older, bigger child. The performance on the SQ Obstacle Course was very good. Better than you could expect with the small plastic wheels. A little rattly.

But, I was able to push my son in it one-handed, all the way home from school. And I am looking at it right now with a backpack, diaper bag, and my purse on the back. It is empty, and it is not tipping over. I've been asked a lot lately what the differences are between the Esprit, and the Candy. So I wanted to show you a comparison.

Repair Mdac Installation Windows 7. For starters, you can see that the frame is very similar. But the tubing on the Candy is curved and thicker. The Esprit has small side pockets in the canopy, while the Candy has viewing windows. The handles are similar, but the Candy's has a thicker foam. Both have side carry handles, but the Esprit's is of a harder rubber than the Candy. Both have large, zippered back canopy pockets.

Esprit Sun Speed Stroller Manual

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But the Candy's is even bigger. The Candy has bigger, fatter wheels. This gives it a little better performance. The Candy boasts the only one-handed recline in it's class. It is WONDERFUL. Just pull down that center back lever.

If you need to recline your stroller often, this alone is worth the $40 price difference. The Esprit uses the side slider bars, like on Maclarens. You can also see the difference in the fold. The Candy has the pull out handle, although I folded it the same way as the Esprit. Just like a Mac, you kick up the bottom lever, then kick down the right side lever. The front of the canopies are the same, complete with a sun/rain visor.

And both have very long extended legrests. The footrests are different. But most pronounced is the fancier fabric on the Candy, with the embroidered star and RSB logo.

The Esprit retails for $99, and the Candy is $149. Both are pretty good values, in this era of high-priced buggies.

The fold is a typical umbrella. For more info, go to: Happy St. Patrick's Day!:) Esprit Sun Speed and RSB Candy Stats: Weight: 14.5 pounds Width: 19' Length: 25' Folded: 41' L x 12 W' x 11' H Seat Back: 18.5' Seat to Canopy: 26' Seat Width: 13.5' Seat Depth: 7' to 13 3/4' footrest extended Drop to footrest: 12' Handle Height: 41' If you need help finding the best stroller for you, click on 'Consultations' up top. And to see all of the 2013 stroller models, go to StrollerQueen.Net. Welcome to the Kingdom of Strollerland! Janet McLaughlin, aka Strollerqueen (to her loyal subjects), has been called 'The world's premier authority on strollers.' She has been featured in several media outlets, including the BBC London, New Yorker magazine, CBS News 'Early Show', NBC 'Today' Show, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, KNBC 'Your LA', and more.

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