Extract Files From Bitrock Installer

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Extract Files From Bitrock Installer

I am trying to extract the file-contents of an InstallShield setup.exe-file. (My plan is to use it in a back-office tool, so this must be done programmatically without any user interactions.) Is this possible? (Initial research seems to indicate it will fail.) If it is possible to have a generic solution, for all recent versions of InstallShield that would be best. Ugk Greatest Hits Album Download. Otherwise, if a solution only works for some versions of InstallShield it would be a step on the way.

(It would probably be possible to deduce which InstallShield version a setup.exe is by looking at version resources of the exe-file. I some InstallShield versions support /b or /extract_all. However there is no good way of knowing, just launching the exe and hoping it will extract and terminate orderly rather then displaying GUI dialogs doesn't seem like a good solution. So I am therefore looking for a more stable way.

Ideas welcome. There's no supported way to do this, but won't you have to examine the files related to each installer to figure out how to actually install them after extracting them? Assuming you can spend the time to figure out which command-line applies, here are some candidate parameters that normally allow you to extract an installation. MSI Based (may not result in a usable image for an InstallScript MSI installation): • setup.exe /a /s /v'/qn TARGETDIR= 'choose-a-location ' or, to also extract prerequisites (for versions where it works), • setup.exe /a'choose-another-location' /s /v'/qn TARGETDIR= 'choose-a-location ' InstallScript based: • setup.exe /s /extract_all Suite based (may not be obvious how to install the resulting files): • setup.exe /silent /stage_only ISRootStagePath='choose-a-location'.

Bitrock Install Builder. BitRock InstallBuilder is an application. SelBuild is a simple self-extracting install file builder.With SelBuild it is easy to.