Fb Radom Vis Model 35 Serial Numbers

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Fb Radom Vis Model 35 Serial NumbersFb Radom Vis Model 35 Serial Numbers

Apr 23, 2008 RADOM P-35 Info??? Check your serial number to know when it was made and the quality. My slide is stamped F B RADOM VIS Mod.35Pat.Nr15567 and below P.35.

A Browning Influence, Combined With Several Innovative Features, Made The Radom 9mm One Of The Best Service Autos Of WWII. With Germany’s rearmament and rumors of war swirling around Europe in the 1930’s, Poland, wedged precisely between Germany and Russia, was in a tight spot. Coming out of WWI, its military was armed with an assortment of foreign and obsolete small arms. Even Poland’s finest, its revered horse cavalry units, were still armed primarily with lances and swords. The official handgun was the Model 1895 Nagant, but having been exposed to the automatic pistols of WWI, the Polish military, especially the cavalry, pressed for the development of a modern, Polish-designed pistol in 9mm Parabellum. By the late 1920’s, Poland had established a modern State Arms Factory (Fabryka Broni) in the city of Radom.

Opened in 1927, the factory’s initial products were Mauser rifles and Nagant revolvers. At the same time, Piotr Wilniewczyc, an armaments engineer there, was assigned the task of designing a contemporary auto for military adoption. Track Separator Software Free Download there.