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1967 FENDER CORONADO II GUITAR Clicking on Thumbnail will open larger view. Status: Pre-Owned You are looking at our 1967 Fender Coronado II guitar, serial number. The ultimate archive site for pictures of cool/rare/interest Fender. 1966 Coronado: Serial. A very nice Coronado II. According to the serial number. Offered for sale; Used 1967 Fender Coronado II Wildwood I, serial number 196806. This guitar is in very good condition. The neck and frets are fine.

1967 Fender Coronado Ii

I have owned my first Coronado II since 1971 when I bought it brand new. It is candy apple red (the bright red). Since I have acquired a Coronado II 12-string, and a second Coronado II fiesta red. I proudly proclaim myself a Fender man, and to a small degree collect vintage Fender instruments. The answer to your question: I have been researching values for a few years online to keep abreast of the value of my instruments. I have seen Coronados online for anywhere from $400 to as high as $1800 depending on model and year manufactured.

For your information and comparison, my candy apple red Coronado II was purchased in 1971 for $425 and within a month I added a Bigsby Vibrato unit to it for another $125. Today that same guitar is found online for sale in the range of $1200-1500.

Now the kicker: the value of a Coronado, from an avowed Coronado player, changes from person to person. Many vintage guitar dealers tell me that the Coronado series just isn't as valuable as the Gibson 335 series, and the comparable Guild and Gretsch thinline acoustics. When I bought my candy apple red one, I tried Gibson, Gretsch, and Guild, all in the same music store, and fell in love with the Coronado series. Not everyone shares my enthusiasm. For my money, time, and playing comfort and ability (43 years experience with the Coronados) I would not trade my Coronados for anything else on the market, new or vintage. When I arrive at a gig and pull out my candy apple red Coronado, younger musicians as well as seasoned Pro's gasp.

With the advent of the 'road-worn' series of new Fender instruments it seems to me that could only serve to increase the value of any Coronado regardless of blemishes within reason. But there have been several Coronados online in great condition for somewhat reasonable prices.

Fender Coronado Ii Reviews

Mahabharatham Tamil Serial Vijay Tv Wiki. As with any guitar it is best to pick it up and play it, checking out the pickups, volume and tone controls, and the tone switch (which has had to be replaced on my candy apple red model twice in 39 years), however I have had no problems with any of the other electronics. Everything is original on mine.

Of those musicians who like to love the Coronado series like myself, it seems that none of them want any other thinline series guitar regardless of brand, me included. But, to each his own! I got mine in a trade, but there was a price tag in the case that said $900.

It's a 72 Coronado II, red, in good but not great condition - no damage, just playwear and checking. Pedalsteelman makes an excellent point about the value differing from owner to owner - some hate them and would trade them for anything with strings, and some love them. I like mine - nice warm tone and great (I think) looks. I think the wildwood and antigua finishes are the ones that are much more expensive. I know these things came with a really nice luggage-quality case, (although mine is falling apart). The inclusion of a case might factor heavily into the price as well.

The highest prices I've seen have been on E-bay. Autocertificazione Stato Di Famiglia Storico Modello Pdf Writer on this page. Keep checking CL and local shops - there's a deal out there somewhere. If you have something to offer in trade, all the better - somewhere there's someone who has been told his/her Coronado is the worst thing Fender ever made (l have) and wants desperately to dump it for another guitar (I don't). I've got a minty Lake Placid Blue '66 Coronado II with a gold guard and checkerboard binding. My daughter thinks it's the coolest guitar I own. They're very underrated guitars I think. If you expect them to play and sound like a Strat or a Tele you'll be disappointed.