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The Witch's House is a free puzzle-oriented game that focuses on the Horror Genre. This adventure horror game has gained quite a bit of. Free Indie Games. Free Indie Horror Games - Gameplay videos with commentary and download links. FreePCGamers Game Watch is a webshow where we look at the best freeware games.

Best Pc Horror Games

What makes a game scary? Good visuals, better gameplay or an immersive plot? What if all these features were found in a computer game? Thanks to indie game developers, we horror fans can play some of the weirdest and the scariest games on our PC without paying a dime.

After Slenderman's success, a good number of indie horror games were released for Windows-powered computers. While many games were outright clones of the original, there were some decent titles that had a good plot, excellent graphics and brilliant level design. The games listed below are some of those titles you should download to your computer.

Free Online Horror Games

All are free, not heavy on specs and can easily be played on mid-range laptops or desktop computers. If you thought abandoned houses are creepy, think again.

One Late Night will force you to change your opinion about haunted locations. This indie horror game presents a nightmarish adventure of an office employee who chooses to work late one fateful day, only to realize he made a big mistake.

One Late Night is a short game, but has plenty of tensed moments to keep you at the edge of your seat. The protagonist must escape the office and it’s you who can help him find clues, search for an escape route to get out of the haunted office. This exploration-based game can really get a bit intimidating in moments where you will need to search for clues in every room.

The puzzles are of normal difficulty for a seasoned seek and find adventure gamer. The office setting will make you feel a bit constricted for space and claustrophobic. In more than one occasion, you will feel totally vulnerable to the entity as there isn’t enough space to hide. The only way to escape is to search for clues, solve puzzles and escape the doomed office. Graphically, One Late Night doesn’t disappoint at all. Powered by the Unity 3D engine, the game graphics are excellent and every object is highly detailed. Developers have dedicated their time and effort to create and the fact that this game is free is unbelievably true.

Set in a top-secret facility dedicated to researching strange anomalies and creatures, SCP: Containment Breach puts you into the shoes of a test subject thrown in a chamber of human guinea pigs. The objective is to escape the facility alive or hunt for secret documents and find a solution to fix the breach.

The game has some of the weirdest creatures and anomalies you have ever seen, but the most frightening entity is a concrete figurine code-named SCP-173. The sculpture comes to life and is extremely dangerous, snapping necks of inattentive souls, but stays still if under direct line of sight. There are some more oddities and objects, each more bizarre and frightening than the other.

Beware of the Shy Guy and the Plague Doctor and if you survive these two, then keep safe distance from the Peripheral Jumper and the main enemy. Ni Mate Keygen. To make gameplay more interesting, developers have introduced a “Blink Meter”. The faster your eyes blinks, the more uncomfortable it will be for you to search for objects or find a hiding place. You can set the blink rate manually or use eye drops to make it normal.

Make sure your character blinks as you would do in real-life. An abnormal blink rate can really make survival extremely difficult. A psychological/survival horror game, SCP: Containment Breach’s randomly-generated maps will make you feel trapped, claustrophobic, panicky and extremely scared. The game’s frightening atmosphere and even more frightening creatures and dangerous objects will keep you guessing while you run and hide from present danger. J-Horror games have wowed the audience with their bizarre plot, grotesque monsters and unique gameplay mechanics. Most of these titles have been released for the PS2 platform and are good examples of top-notch horror that can give even the most popular movies a run for their money.

Compared to PS consoles, PC has fewer Japanese horror games. In the indie horror scene, there are a few brilliantly-designed 2D computer horror games. The one that immediately comes to mind is IB.