Gate Keepers Anime Downloads

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Gate Keepers Anime Downloads

Synopsis Thirty-two years have passed since the initial defeat of the Invaders. A.E.G.I.S is all but dismantled now and has become an underground organization consisting of only a few Gate Keepers left to save humanity. One of the members, Ayane Isuzu, is sick of society as a whole, though she continues to defeat the Invaders out of spite for her father. Suddenly, she learns of the revival of Machine General (Kikai Shogun) and Devil Count (Akuma Hakushaku), but a mysterious ghost girl now accompanies them.

It is up to Ayane and the remnants of A.E.G.I.S to stop them and save humanity once again. (Source: ANN) DOWNLOAD.

Synopsis It is Tokyo, 1969. Earth is under the attack of the 'Invaders.' Fortunately, though, the public is unaware of this. But to the secret orginazation, A.E.G.I.S., the threat is very real, and it is up them to stop this invasion. One day on his route to high school, Ukiya Shun observes a battle between a young girl and a group of Invaders.

He ends up helping her and discovers that much like the girl, he possesses the ability to generate a 'gate' of special power that only a few other people are gifted with. As a result, Ukiya then joins A.E.G.I. Esxi 5 Serial Number. S. In an effort to recruit other Gate Keepers in order to protect the city, all while doing his best not to imitate his late father, whom he dispises. (Source: ANN). Overall 8 Story 8 Animation 9 Sound 8 Character 8 Enjoyment 8 Truth be told, for the first times I’ve watched it I wasn’t able to fully appreciate it. I’m glad I decided to re-watch Gate Keepers once again, because it’s definitely worth it.

The plot of Gate Keepers can be compared to old school anime, probably because the story is set in the 1960s. The only difference is that Gate Keepers has the feel of contemporary anime – it’s set in the 60s, but it doesn’t really seem like it is. It’s really exciting and fun to watch. Some historical references were actually incorporated into the story, such as the moon landing, the world expo and maybe even hippies. Another aspect I like about it is the comedy.

I can’t believe I didn’t realize it was so funny, but that’s probably because most of the comedy came from Reiko and Bancho – the 2 characters I USED to hate. All of the characters are actually very likable.

Gate Keepers Anime Downloads

My other favorites are Megane and Fei, because they’re both so adorable. I still like Kaoru and Shun though (Shun’s hot!) As expected of Gonzo, the animation is really impressive.

I love the character design except for Reiko’s because she seems different compared to the other characters. They all have beautifully drawn eyes though – I especially like how the eyes look when they use their gate powers. The CG wasn’t as sophisticated and smooth as I want it to be, but it wasn’t that bad. There were repeated scenes and usually I’d say that’s a sign of laziness, but it’s minimal.

Some of my favorite seiyuus are actually in Gate Keepers. One of them is Takahiro Sakurai. I always seem to like his characters (especially Cloud Strife from Advent Children!). The other is Tomokazu Seki. I just think he’s a really talented VA. Other seiyuus I want to note are Chinami Nishimura (Fei) and Etsuko Kozakura (Megane).

They really made Fei and Megane really cute and adorable. I just love it when Fei goes “Ayaya!”. The music was great as well.

Like the story, the music reminds me of old school anime as well (specially the mecha ones) except they’re more updated. I really love how the opening theme was made – it really describes the plot so well.

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Sometimes you can catch the characters quoting some of the lyrics. The ending theme wasn’t bad either. Yumi Matsuzawa did a great job in performing both songs. Just to finish this review, I’m going to reaffirm my first point by saying Gate Keepers is definitely a must watch. I’m going to try the OVA and see if it’s as good as the series.

Overall 8 Story 7 Animation 8 Sound 8 Character 8 Enjoyment 8 I seen my first anime gate keepers this anime is a good anime this anime has every thing that makes you happy. This is based on story of high school student of 1960 who joins A.E.G.I.S to save world from invaders.

Characters Shun -: this is one of main and best Character. He is most super character.Shun father is dead and he is angry because he brakes his promise. He is Ruriko first love. He is strong gatekeeper in anime he fights as warrior. Ruriko - she is hot and my loving character.

She has hidden emotion. She loves shun but she never reveals. She is ultimate fighter and with strong feelings. Reiko Asagiri -: She is worst character. She thinks as good Witch ( meaningless).