Heli X Crack Simulator Instructor

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Heli X Crack Simulator Instructor

Don’t have an instructor to help you fly? Heli-X RC Helicopter Simulator. Heli-X has rich environments, an awesome list of models.

While reading this post please understand that I'm a newbie and have only been flying for a couple of months. When I decided to get into RC Heli a couple of months ago I read this thread from an Aussie on Helifreak: I figured he knew way more than me so I just followed his advice and started using Heli-X. I have since got Phoenix and in my opinion the 'Hover Training' part of Heli-X is much better. Lost Season 5 Episode 16 Torrent Download. I'm new to RC Heli and all I have really been concentrating on is my orientations.

The 'Hover Training' option in Heli-X is great for this. Also, price was a factor.

Heli- X cost about $80 and Phoenix in a shop was about $175 I think. You then have to purchase a USB cable for about $20 to use Heli-X (but this cable came with a CD with Phoenix on it). Thats actually a good review on HF. If you use Heli-X and it feels right, then the most important thing is how many hours you spend learning the basics. There are lots of tutorial videos around and i encourage you to try the heligods tutorials for a different perspective. I think simulators are similar to helicopters. When you are learning the fundamental stick movements, its not as critical compared to when you are doing super advanced and quick maneuvers.

I compare it to training. Train on your sim - use it to learn your next objective - refine what you know and create a training routine (ie 10 mins going over what you know, 10 mins learning your next trick and 10 mins free style with tricks you know). So Heli-X should be fine for orientations and it may even be a great sim!

I might see if there is a demo so i can try it.

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