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I have Hipath 4000 v2.0 duplex system. First everything were OK, I could got access to my system via WEB (Hipath assistant). But then for some reasons I decided to change IP-address of the Hipath (customer port). By the instrumentality of 'Hipath assistant' I had made the necessary changes and then I rebooted ADS. Compal Hl90 Drivers Xp there. After that I only could got access to (public page), but I couldn't got access to page to manage my system. Zinsser Microbiology Ebook Free. It's possible I have made mistakes adjusting FireWall or somewhere else. I didn't know what to do and I had reinstalled OpenUnix system via consol port (option - first installation).

So IP-address of my system got default but the problem had remained. Please, advise me what I should do. Sorry for my English. RE: Recovering access to Hipath 4000 via WEB (Instructor) 5 Mar 07 13:03. Now that you have re-installed Unixware, try this: connect your PC's NIC to the HiPath's customer LAN port - using crossover LAN cable. The customer LAN port's IP address will be, so make your PC's NIC (class C).