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Title: Project Uran Widescreen Patch Authors: Ronboy (Mike Smith) and David Gates Version: Patch This is a patch that includes a fix to the problems that arise with using the Rtcw Widescreen Mod by Aidendemon together with Project Uran by Ronboy. Obviously, you will not need the Widescreen patch if you don't have or use the Widescreen Mod by Aidendemon. First, extract the contents of file to anywhere on your computer. Then, to install the patch, simply double click the file 'BatchCreator4RTCW_ProjectUran.exe' Next, follow the instuctions once the.exe file loads. Remember, you do not need this.exe file if you don't have or use Aidendemon's Widescreen Mod for Rtcw. If you followed the instructions correctly, then you should have a batch file for Project Uran on your hard drive. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne Torrent Iso Psp there.

Simply place the batch file inside the Project_Uran folder, and double click it. The first level of Project Uran, greenbrier3, should then launch without any problems. Also included in this patch is the Install_Help folder, which is missing from the Project Uran downloads on the sites 'Gamebannana' and 'ModDB'.

If you are confused on how to install Project Uran, and you are NOT using the Widescreen Mod by Aidendemon, then check the two screenshots inside this folder for help. If you are using the widescreen Mod, then you can ignore the Install_Help folder, since what is shown on the screenshots is only for those running Rtcw without the Widescreen Mod. Serial Communication With Labview Tutorial Download.

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Emails:,, Please send an email using one of the addresses above if you have any questions or comments. Credits: David Gates for creating the.exe file, which creates the batch file for Project Uran. NOTE: I apologize to everyone for the confusion with Project Uran. Future maps made by Ronboy will include all the necessary files required for the map(s) to work correctly, including the Widescreen Patch. I will not forget anything in future releases.