How To Install Soft Copper Gas Line

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1 2 Copper Gas Line

Thanks for the advice, guys. I checked my gas/oil compaines web site breifly, the site had a FAQ area and mentions the tank is supplied rent free and they'll come out and give a free estimate which I asumme is normal for most such bussiness. I am in Maine so I wonder what codes may apply, such as tank placement ( is there something about electronic ignition,tank/pipe distance? Requirements?) Should I also install Tee's with shut off valves in celler near termination piont for future gas appliance/heaters? And since this supply line in future may have added on aplliances does size stay same? Hopefully I can install most on my own and gas company can then run there own test and do final hook up. Check your codes and local regs real carefully before doing anything - while it is physically possible to self install, there are a lot of places where they are really picky about who they let do work on gas lines and / or have inspection requirements that make it impractical - i.e.

You have to get a signoff by a licensed plumber, which most don't since it's their license on the line if you screwed something up and they didn't catch it. It's a PITA having to pay someone to do something you could easily do yourself I know, but this is one of those cases where it sort of makes sense - mistakes can cause you to go BOOM! And wake up the neighbors. Stove #1 - VC Encore 2550 catalytic - Burning almost 24/7 in LR as primary heater (and making LOTS of creosote! - I'm not happy with it!) Stove #2 - 1979 Pro-Former, Model Z (Pre-EPA smoke dragon) 2ndary heat in basement, seldom used Stove #3 - no-name smoke dragon, not installed, likely to become outdoor smoker Primary heat wood, backup gas HVAC Saws - #1 - 80cc Dolmar 7900, 20 & 28' bars #2 - 36cc Pull-on, 12' bar Splitter - Harbor Freight 30 ton Horizontal / Vertical (only used Vertical!) 8 cords covered wood storage,? Lungi Dance Mp3 Music Free Download.