Hung Chang Oscilloscope Manual Free

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PPS: when you run the suggested tests above. Now that we're really diving in, whenever you film the trace behaving a particular way, leave the position alone and film the trace for say 10-20 seconds. That will help me see exactly what the trace looks like without any additional effects from the position knob.

Hung Chang Oscilloscope Manual Free

Alphacam Cnc Programmers. Burger Shop 2 Serial Number Download. To set up the scope--- 1. Make sure you have the time/div knob set to where you can clearly see the square wave -- it's period should be taking up about 2 of the major divisions on the screen.

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Set the position and volts/div so that the trace is taking up 1/3 to 1/2 of the screen and showing a normal square wave. Set it to trigger off of INT (internal, ie, trigger off the waveform being displayed) and using the AUTO trigger to make sure the square wave looks 'still' on the screen. Sorry if you know how to do all this already. I forgot to ask how much you know about using 'scopes.