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Watch video Borja Morales talks at the 'Softimage UeberTage 2010' usermeeting in Siegen (Germany) about ARNOLD, the global illumination renderer developed by Solid.

These instructions cover the Arnold Renderer Installation for use with the fxphd VPN license server. Installation Overview • Download the software: Arnold for Maya, SoftImage or Katana • There is no installation for the rlm license server, as you do not need to install it. Licensing is done via the fxphd VPN • Install Arnold for your specific application. • Configure environment variables Download Software Installer Arnold for Maya 2015 • • • Arnold for Maya 2016 • • • Arnold for Maya 2016.5 • • • Arnold for Maya 2017 • • • Arnold for Houdini 16.0.600 • • • Arnold for Katana • • • Arnold for C4D R17 • • Arnold for C4D R18 • • Installing the Arnold plugin Arnold for Maya 2015 Please follow the instructions in this document: Arnold for SoftImage The SItoA plugin is distributed as a plugin for Autodesk Softimage. To install it, select the File / Add-on / Install menu option from Softimage and follow the steps in the wizard. Softimage will ask you where to install all the data (Factory, User, Workgroup).

It will then install all files that are needed to execute the Arnold Renderer. After the installation is done, restarting Softimage will be needed Please refer to the Softimage documentation for other ways to install add-ons.

Arnold for Katana Katana Follow the instructions provided here:. Contact fxphd support if you have any trouble. Arnold for C4D R17 NOTE: Make sure you update C4D to at least version 17.032 before installing the plugin. Follow the instructions provided here: Contact fxphd support if you have any trouble. Setting the solidangle_LICENSE environment variable The solidangle_LICENSE environment variable is an Arnold-specific environment variable that specifies the port and computer name (or IP address) of the license server. To use Arnold on the fxphd VPN license server, you will need to set an environment variable to point Arnold’s License port to 4507 and the server address at Environment Variable Windows solidangle_LICENSE=4507@ Linux (bash,ksh) solidangle_LICENSE=4507@ Linux (csh) solidangle_LICENSE 4507@ Mac OS X (bash) solidangle_LICENSE=4507@ On Linux and Mac OS X you can check that the environment variable is set in your shell by entering the command printenv in a shell.

This will display all environment variables set. The environment variable is case sensitive and must be solidangle_LICENSE. Using SOLIDANGLE_LICENSE will not work. Where to set the environment variable You can set the environment variables in your application configuration files: • Maya: in • Softimage: in (Windows) or the. (Linux) Or you can set the environment variable as a system environment variable • Windows: • Linux: create a shell script in /etc/profile.d Run the software You will need to be connected to the VPN to run the software. If you haven’t already refer to the to establish a VPN connection, then run the software.

Permitted Use This license is strictly for non-commercial, educational use. Any commercial use of the software is a violation of terms of membership. Firewall Ports We use ports 4507 for the Arnold licensing.

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Arnold for Softimage (or SItoA) provides a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within the standard Softimage interface. Features • Seamless integration with Softimage shapes, lights (selective lights) passes and render region. • Full ICE support (particles, strand and geometry) with advanced instancing functionality.

• Native Softimage render tree and shader support. • Stand-ins with realtime view representation.