Install Linux On Dell Xps 10 Tablet

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Android On Dell Xps 10

Gateway W340ui Sound Driver Xp here. The easiest, step-by-step tutorial for installing Arch Linux on a Dell XPS 13 laptop.

Update dell xps 10 to 5.0 Lollipop Every Smartphone user is looking for Lollipop update these days. Although most of the high end devices already have the Android 5.0 update but majority of the other devices are still waiting for their turn. If you upgrade dell xps 10 to lollipop you should know what to expect from this update. Android devices will first make the performance of your dell xps 10 much better than before.

But this isn’t it; Android 5.0 will make lots of improvements in the user interface as well. How to Install Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM on dell xps 10. Installing Lollipop hasn’t been easier. Use our software and it will do all the things necessary to install Lollipop ROM on any android device! Just click Install Lollipop and follow the super simple instructions.

Please backup all the data from your device, so you can restore ir later. Now we support installing lollipop straight from your android device, no need for a PC! Choose your version: Lollipop Installer Size: 2.5 MB MD5 VALUE: ea12e01fafad29bfbf1215 Lollipop Installer.apk Size: 1.52 MB MD5 VALUE: ea12e01fafad29bfbf1215 Some pictures of the rom: dell xps 10 Extended Battery feature Everyone’s eyes are on this feature since it promises to deliver an extra 90 minutes of battery timing for your Smartphone. Most of the Smartphone users complain about low battery timings which is why Google has included a Battery Extension option in their latest update release.

It is a huge deal if it delivers what it promises. And actually I’ve seen quite good improvements for dell xps 10 when I tested this ROM. • Smooth user interface and revamped Quick Settings menu Upon updating your device you will enjoy a cleaner and fluid user interface with much more smooth animations. The look of your device will be less congested. Interactive Spelling Game Ks3 Sats. Also, your “Quick Settings” menu will get an upgrade and will include new options like flashlight, cast screen controls and many more. • Guest access mode and pinning option The guest access mode is another unique but very useful modification that comes along with the Lollipop update. This lets you control, with its custom options, what type of information others can access on your phone.

The dell xps 10 also includes a messenger app along with screen pinning options that doesn’t let guests to go to any other screen. Pinning options combined with the guest user mode will make your Smartphone much more secure than before. • Lock screen notifications Another great feature that will be included in your dell xps 10 upon getting the update will be the notification rich lock screen. You will be able to see as well as access your notifications from your lock screen without having to unlock your phone screen. This will be quite handy in situations where you’re on a strict schedule. There are, no doubt, many more cool features are included with this update but these are the one that we are sure of as of now.

So whether you’re a tech savvy who is looking for a performance boost for their Android Device or just a regular user who is eager to see some changes in the user interface; custom Lollipop update will surely make your dell xps 10 much more efficient in every aspect.