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Install Webmin 16.04

Webmin module Webmin module Scott Silva Wed Apr 29 00:45:38 IST 2009 • Previous message: • Next message: • Messages sorted by: on 4-28-2009 4:32 PM G. Armour Van Horn spake the following: >I've long been a big WebMin fan, so I was pleased to note on the MS >download page a link to a MailScanner module. I immediately grabbed it. >It told me MailScanner wasn't running. >>I went to the configuration, which was all blank, and added the things I >could be confident of, but I'm not sure I dare use this for anything >yet.

Install Webmin Command Line

Wbmclamav is a webmin module to manage Clam Antivirus. Webmin module Scott Silva ssilva. >I've long been a big WebMin fan, so I was pleased to note on the MS >download page a link to a MailScanner module.

Here's what I've got: >>Full path to MailScanner program: /usr/sbin/MailScanner >Full path and filename of MailScanner config file: >/etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf >Full path to the MailScanner bin directory =BLANK= >Full path and filename for the MailScanner pid file: >/var/run/ >Command to start MailScanner Just run server (selected) >Command to stop MailScanner >>Once I entered that much, the module now thinks MS is running, and 'Edit >MailScanner Config File' does call up the right file. >>System is CentOS 4.7, still running MS 4.57.6 but it will be upgraded to >the current stable tonight. (Yes, it has been running nicely for over >three years.) >>So what should I have in there as the MS bin directory? >>I usually start and stop MS with >service MailScanner start stop restart >Or rather more accurately, I normally don't touch that, but that's what >I'd use if I had to. What should go in those last two lines? >>Van >I wouldn't use that module, as it is quite out of date and some have complained about config file damage not too long ago. All She Was Worth Miyuki Miyabi Pdf Reader there. You could probably use it for starting and stopping, but you can write custom commands for that.

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