Install Ubuntu Touch On Dell Venue 8 Pro

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Hey everyone, just want to start by saying I haven't been on this forum in about 6 months, and all that while i've been learning more about computers and other IT stuff. And now that I look back at my old questions, I realize how dumb some of the questions sounded. It's amazing how much you can learn from the internet!

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Dec 18, 2014 is there a way to Run Ubuntu or Windows 8 on Dell Venue 7? Can the dell venue be rooted? The Fedlet, revived (or, Fedora Linux on a Dell. And the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Running on my Venue 8 Pro. Followed the instructions for Ubuntu on the T100 and it.

Anyway, back to the question. So I'm planning to buy a Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 series (link is here) and I would like to install kali linux on the Dell tablet with wifi, bluetooth, accelerometer,camera and most (if not all) other features of the tablet functioning. I looked into installing linux on the tablet but I only found one video (link) and according to the description the wireless LAN, the camera, and probably some other things don't work. So, I'm guessing that it would take a while to develop Kali linux for the tablet. So I also read that it's possible to install debian, or some other linux distro then install some of the packages with the kali linux tools. So which one of the options below do you think I should do?

Should I: Keep the windows 8.1 OS already installed on the Dell Tablet, and then manually install the various Kali linux tools, most of which are also available for windows; install kali linux (if possible); install debian/other linux distro and install the packages, or just buy some other laptop/tablet ( I would like to buy a 10 inch or less tablet under $100) that is already compatiable with kali? I also read that android could be installed on the Dell, and then kali installed on android tablets. So what do you guys think? Thanks in advance.

Hi, yes i was able to run live DVD (usb stick). I do not remember bios version - i no longer have dell (switched to yoga 2). 'In the GRUB menu, highlight “Try Ubuntu”, and press “e” to edit it.

Bleach Number One Instrumental Mp3 Download. In the editing screen, scroll down to the command line options, where it says “quiet splash”.