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Hi fella's How do i properly install Linux Mint (16 or 17) on my pc with uefi? There's obviously a lot of tutorials, but all of them miss or skip one or more steps/choices/concepts.

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I'm the inlucky one who has an HP(!), laptop, with Win8.1, thus uefi and GPT. The combination you'd like to avoid.

Those things make installing Linux a little harder. Since i'm new to this and i don't have any experience with Linux, i can certainly use some help. I doubt if i'm even gonna succeed without it. So here's what i'd like to know: How should i take account of all these concepts so i can install Linux properly? If i just follow the installation and leave (almost)all the options on default, i get the error 'grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/'.(i tried it several times, and checksums are OK) I looked it up and for the ubuntu-version of my problem, the solutions was changing the name of the file in question, because there's a bug that causes it to be incorrectly burned to CD/USB. It resulted in adding '64'to the file's name. However this was not the solution in my case.

Or, there's another file which is faulty burned. I can imagine there are a lot more of points where it could have gone wrong. For instance, the option for the location of the bootloader.

I'm using my internal SSD for windows system, and i'm using my ext.hdd for windows files, and linux. Now the install-wizard chooses my ssd(dev/Ssda) as the target for the bootloader, but maybe i should choose my ext.hdd?

HP Pavilion DM1 Wifi network. I have a pavilion dm1 notebook running windows 10. With a Windows XP Professional SP3 installation disk I formatted the drive and.

Or create a /boot partition and use that as the target? Or the Windows efi partition? I don't know.

Secureboot, and fastboot are disabled, uefi is enabled but this shouldn't be a problem. Maybe i could fix things with a boot-repair program, but i don't know it this is the only thing which goes wrong, the installation aborts after this message so i assume i miss many more things. Sorry for the long story, but i wanted to make things clear so people can help me easier. If anyony has ideas or suggestions/answers, i thank you greatly. PS: If linux asks me to unmount partitions, should i choose yes, or would this mess things up? Here's an example using UBUNTU: Since you aren't too knowledgeable pay particular attention to creating a BACKUP IMAGE to an external drive before you do anything.

Based on what you've said it's almost 100% certain that you are going to screw up the Windows installation and no longer be able to boot Windows. Another alternative it to create a VIRTUAL MACHINE and run Linux from within Windows. If you don't absolutely need a dedicated Linux installation I recommend trying that.

Thanks for your example. But 'aren't too knowledgeable'? It's only that i'm new to linux, and to installing a second bootloader next to the existing one, this uefi thing. And because i indeed don't want to screw up i thougt i'd better ask to be sure. Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection Keygen Download Softonic more. About which target to select for bootloader install.