Java Rxtx Usb Serial Drivers

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Hi, I wrote myself an application using the XBJL on Mac and it works great. However, I need it to run on a Linux machine, specifically Ubuntu 14.04. However, no matter what combination of RXTX/JavaComm jars and objects (for x86_64) I use, the best result I get is that there is a seg-fault. I have searched around the internet for a couple days now and have been unable to solve the issue. Lost Season 5 Episode 16 Torrent Download. I know Digi doesn't develop librxtx, but I was wondering if anyone else had run into this (and solved it)? Yes, it seems that having the correct version of the librxtx binary is key (and it is easier than one might think to have the wrong one).

Rxtx Library Download

1917 German Luger Serial Numbers. I solved this some time ago, but in my case, I was frantically trying every version I could get my hands on; I believe that the error was caused by having an incorrect version of the binary in the folder that was in the `-Djava.library.path` I supplied (higher in the directory structure than the one that was correct). So my advice to anyone trying this in the future is: first get what will likely be the correct binary via the `sudo apt-get install` method, then copy it into your project's libs directory, and ensure that it is the only librxtx binary object in your project's directory until you are sure you have the correct one.