Kg Books Free Download

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Kg Books Free Download

Get over 130 free phonics books to. Learn about each set and download the books for free. My favorite font is KG Primary Penmanship, which you can download. Send an email to have your beginning reader's first name placed in the stories for free. Single Sheet Books - 128 books for printing. Download to a computer.

Shares 43K (This page contains affiliate links.) I’ve created 24 sets of free phonics books for beginning readers! Use these alongside my for a balanced approach. My phonics books • Each phonics book is a collection of sentences highlighting a particular phonics pattern. These are not actual stories like you might find in a purchased series or the. However, you’ll find that the bright and engaging pictures will keep your child’s attention! • Each book features both a phonics pattern and sight words that your child can learn by reading our. You’ll find the featured sight words listed on the back of each book.

• My early sets are quite simple and perfect for children just starting to sound out words. Even the later sets do not advance too quickly, making these a great resource for early and struggling readers alike. • These readers are designed to use by themselves or alongside, a wonderful hands-on preschool reading curriculum that our family loves. How to assemble Print the pages front to back, starting on page 2. (Page 1 is my Terms of Use – be sure not to print it or they will all be messed up!) I like to print on light or medium. Each book will be two full sheets of paper, front to back. Cut on the horizontal center of each book.

I’ve used it for years. A little pricey on Amazon, but you might be able to get it at Michaels with a coupon.) Fit the pages together in their proper order. Staple on the fold with a. Get the books! Learn about each set and download the books for free by clicking on the images below.

Set 9: ai, ay, igh, -y Set 10: ea, oa, ow, ie Set 11: ush, unch, ump, ust, ung, unk Set 12: and, ash, amp, ang, atch, ank Set 13: ind, ent, est, old, itch, ink, ing Set 14: aw, all, oi, oy, ou, ue, ui, ew, dge, ow Set 15: -s,-es endings Set 16: -ed, -ing (suffixes) Set 17: Compound words Set 18: Contractions Set 19: VCCV words Set 20: VCV words Set 21: -el, -le, -er, -ar, -or Set 22: -ie, -ey, -y Set 23: -ture, -age, -on Set 24: Prefixes and Suffixes P.S. Want to know more about teaching kids to read? I created a free email series just for you! You’ll learn • What kids need to know before they learn to sound out words • How to use word families to teach kids to read • Do’s and don’ts for teaching kids to “sound it out” • Our favorite games, printables, and books for early literacy • What to try when kids just aren’t getting it. I am preparing the complete phonics booklets for use in the program that will be at our church this summer. This program is a day camp-like program with college interns conducting the program but with a reading element using volunteers to help inner city/at risk kids maintain their reading levels.

So many of them are not at grade level and I am hoping that these phonics books can be used to boost their current reading levels – especially new 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders who are behind. I have already used some of these with private tutoring students with great success! I only discovered them about a month ago but I am very impressed. And thank you Anna for sharing these at no additional cost beyond the printing. Finding children’s books with limited phonics elements is difficult and that is what these struggling readers need to gain confidence in reading. Loudspeaker Handbook John Eargle Pdf Files more.