Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2 Manual Pdf

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] Radios and televisions placed nearby may experience reception interference. Operate this unit at a suitable distance from radios and televisions. Handling To avoid breakage, do not apply excessive force to the switches or controls. Care If the exterior becomes dirty, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use liquid cleaners such as benzene or thinner, or cleaning compounds or flammable polishes. Keep this manual After reading this manual, please keep it for later reference. Keeping foreign matter out of your equipment • Never set any container with liquid in it near this equipment.

Korg Kp3

IPolysix manual 2 Table of Contents About the KORG. (1–2) MIXER FX EDIT KEYBOARD KAOSS PAD SEQ. Tap the right pad to perform. Korg kaoss pad 2 manual. FC6 Music Pedal pdf manual korg kaoss pad 2. British gas c1 boiler instruction manual; Denon dn-hs5500 manual; Mbox 2 mini asio.

If liquid gets into the equipment, it could cause a breakdown, fire, or electrical shock. ] The pitch of OSC1 will be the pitch that sounds when you use the keyboard function or the pitch specified for a phrase pattern. OSC1 Wave Specify the basic waveform of OSC1.

(sawtooth wave) This waveform is rich in overtones, and is suitable for bass or synth lead sounds. (square wave) This waveform contains only the odd-numbered har monics, and produces a tone typical of electronically produced sound. Mixer Presets Fl Studio. (triangle wave) This waveform is more mellow than the sawtooth wave or square wave, and is suitable for sub-bass sounds etc. Audio In The audio signal input from the audio input jack will be used as OSC1. So that they will be particularly suitable for bass sounds, the waveforms of OSC1 have a slightly heavier sound (fundamental) than the waveforms of OSC2. OSC2 Wave Specify the basic waveform of OSC2 (refer to OSC1 Wave). When OSC Mod is set to Deci, the basic waveform selection will have no effect.

OSC Mod (oscillator modulation) off, Ring, Sync, Deci Select the type of modulation that will occur between the oscillators. Since OSC2 will be modulated (i. E., it will be the slave), the results of the modulation will be output from OSC2. For either of the types of oscillator modulation, using a motion sequence etc. • Off (When the OSC Mod LED is dark) OSC 1 WAVE OSC 2 WAVE When OSC Mod is off, the oscillators will not modulate each other. By using OSC2 Pitch Ofs to create a slight difference in pitch between the oscillators, you can produce a spacious detune effect. The EG will start when trigger-on occurs (the instant you play the keyboard).