Manual Roland Cube 20x Amplifier

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Comments about Roland Cube 20X Guitar Combo Amplifier: Once I recieved my Roland Cube 20x I was so excited because I started playing guitar about 6 months ago and started on a Marshall MS-2. I plugged my guitar in and WOW! I never thought my guitar could sound this good! The clean channel is the cleanest I ever played on. I have played on Marshall, Line6, and VOX 30 watts and this is clean!

Roland Cube 20x Guitar Amp

The lead channel is amazing, this amp screems rock! The classic stack setting is identical to many of the Marshall amps. The tube drive feature is very cool and sounds really like a tube. Roland did a great job on the acoustic mode. I have an acoustic and it sounds just like it. The power squeezer comes in handy at night.

Roland Cube 2. 0X Guitar Combo Amplifier. Big- time tone in a compact package. Roland's famous CUBE amp lineup expands with the hot CUBE 2.

I was planning to buy a VOX or LINE6 but the Roland had better Effects and they are clean and clear. Imput is my favorite! You can use this amp as a speaker at a party just by plugging in your ipod or jamming with the songs.

I personally think that Roland amps are the best and unless your going to buy something real big like a Marshall HUGE stack, get this for sure. I guarentee that you will love it. Comments about Roland Cube 20X Guitar Combo Amplifier: I just got this amp today. I must say.I am blown away.

I have read alot of reviews and watched video's on YouTube with this amp. I can see now what all the rave is about. Elna Contessa 450 Manual Transmission. It sounds as good as amps twice it's price.

The Chorus on this classic Boss chorus.It was worth the price just for that. The Clean & distortion channels are both great. If you are looking for a lightweight, great sounding practice amp, this is the one to buy.

You won't be disappointed. Comments about Roland Cube 20X Guitar Combo Amplifier: This is seriously a great amp, The JC clean is somewhat snappy and smooth and mellow at the same, The Overdrive is awesome for Classic Rock or Alternative or Bluesy stuff, and The Metal Stack as the same agressive tone and growl that my Raven RG200 has but it's only weighs like 15lbs! The only think I wish was different would be the tuner, because I like to play in plenty other tunings than E standard. The effects on it are amazing to say the least.